• It's My Life~

    Zebra Doves’ Nest On My Window Sill

    This little birdy built a nest on my window sill in a few hours yesterday morning, laid one egg yesterday, and another egg today. 🫒   So… I have a pet now. πŸ˜… 1st egg laid on 26 September 2022.   2nd egg laid today, 27 September 2022. Happy birthday θ―δ»”ο½ž ❀️πŸ₯šπŸ₯šπŸ˜‚πŸͺΊπŸ£

  • Gamer For Life

    Tabou Stories: Love Episodes Referral Code: SWZLFQJE

    Sharing another interactive stories app, Tabou Stories: Love Episodes today. Tabou Stories Referral Code: SWZLFQJE Tabou Stories: Love Episodes is an interactive stories app just like Chapters: Interactive Stories, Romance Fate: Story Games and My Fantasy: Choose Your Story. I used this app quite a long time back for awhile only so I will update with details again when I go back to the app. Basically, I stopped because the free keys needed to read the stories (like tickets in other apps) are really hard to get and slow to refill. At least that’s what I remember, and impatient me like to binge read. 😜 Will do more updates in…

  • Sharing Is Caring XD

    TADA Referral Code: QBABZW – $3 Ride Voucher Singapore

    Are you using TADA, the ride hailing app yet? Use my TADA Referral Code: QBABZW for a $3 ride voucher to use for your first ride. I have switched from Grab and Gojek to TADA for quite a while now because usually drivers are easier to get and during peak hours, TADA is usually cheaper or on par with Gojek. Thus, if you want another choice to book your rides from, you can try TADA out. TADA Referral Code: QBABZW https://tada-rider.app.link/tv4Jh0hP4rb Using my referral code gives you SGD$3 to start your first ride. The ride voucher will expire in 14 days from the day of issuance, so remember to use…

  • GPT Referral Codes & Reviews

    Paid Viewpoint Referral Code/Link: rachelism – Singapore Review

    Paid Viewpoint is also a Surveys GPT site. If you are looking for a referral link, here is mine. Paid Viewpoint referral code/ link: https://paidviewpoint.com/?r=rachelism I received $0.81 upon registration so I assume you will get the same too.   As of now, I cannot say for sure if it is legit or trustworthy as I have yet to reach the amount for a payout. I have read that it is and it pays well. However, I am not sure if it is for Singapore users or that my trait score is not high enough, as I have been using it for about 2 months now and I only received…

  • GPT Referral Codes & Reviews

    Hideout TV Referral Code/ Link – Singapore Review

    Hideout TV is a good and legit GPT site to earn rewards by watching videos, or rather watching ads and videos because you earn rewards from viewing the ads. Therefore, if you skip the ads, or if there are no ads in the videos that you watch, you won’t receive points. This is my Hideout TV referral code/ link: https://hideout.co/viewerSignup.php?refer=3734391   Hideout TV – How To Earn? There are no direct and immediate rewards for you if you sign up only for Hideout TV, other than having an account to watch ads/ videos and earn rewards, but if you also sign in to LootUp.me after you have signed up for…