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Tabou Stories: Love Episodes Referral Code: SWZLFQJE

Sharing another interactive stories app, Tabou Stories: Love Episodes today.

Tabou Stories Referral Code: SWZLFQJE

Tabou Stories: Love Episodes is an interactive stories app just like Chapters: Interactive Stories, Romance Fate: Story Games and My Fantasy: Choose Your Story.

I used this app quite a long time back for awhile only so I will update with details again when I go back to the app. Basically, I stopped because the free keys needed to read the stories (like tickets in other apps) are really hard to get and slow to refill. At least that’s what I remember, and impatient me like to binge read. 😜

Will do more updates in this post in the future after I finished reading all I can in the Romance app.

Also, I did not use any referral codes for this app previously so I don’t know what rewards you can get. Here, the picture shows you where you can find your referral code and what you can receive when you invite friends.

Like my Tabou Stories Referral Code is SWZLFQJE and when you click on share, you can get your Tabou Referral Link.

The below is what your friends will receive if you invite them.

Use my referral code: SWZLFQJE, or simply tap on this link: Tabou Stories: Love Episodes


Have fun reading and keep safe! πŸ“šπŸ˜·

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