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Romance Fate: Story Games Invitation Code: GYMM55TJM

Hi guys,


I have been wanting to introduce this app called Romance Fate: Story Games for a long time.

First of all, if the Invitation Code is what you are looking for, here you go.
Romance Fate: Story Games App Invitation Code: GYMM55TJM


It is a interactive stories app just like Chapters: Interactive Stories, but as previously I got bored of the mediocre storylines and plots in Romance app, and also, it was hard to read one story without spending, with tickets and diamonds being not easy to get, I put off sharing it with you.

As I was bored of recent stories on Chapters so I came back into this app yesterday and it had a revamp! The story characters are also way nicer looking now, and there are a variety of stories that I have not read before. It is however, largely similar to Chapters now in terms of most mechanics, like diamonds options, VIP etc so you will get used to it very easily.

The storylines seem to have improved but I just came back to the app so I am still exploring. As of now, it seem to have potential to keep me occupied and continue reading.

I will update this post again when I have explored more but for now, these are the gists of the app.


Romance Fate Stories

Stories are updated and released weekly, and recently a change has been made so 1 diamond and “flowers” are given upon finishing an episode, and watching ads after the chapter gives you 2 diamonds.

The downside of the stories here is that there is an ad before the start of each episode, but it’s only a 5 seconds ad or you can get rid of it by purchasing the Advertising Free function. (Click on the link to jump below to read more on it.)

There is a Ticket Free Category every week for a limited time, and from what I have seen so far, the stories seem to be limited for 7 Days, and the batch of free stories change every week. As the stories are all quite long, it seem quite impossible to finish all the free ones within the time limit. Till now, I have only managed to finish a maximum of 3 free books per week.

From what I read previously, some stories on the Romance Fate app are original, as in they are not taken from books already out there so you have no way of skipping ahead to just buy the e-book online. However, there are also those that are written by actual authors with books already out there.
The story I am currently reading is from an actual book but I am enjoying it because each episode is quite long.

Some stories also need exceptionally many diamonds as options and you might miss some details if you don’t use those options.

Romance Dates

As mentioned above, you are also given “gifts” (flowers etc) for you to give to a character, and you can do so under Events > Cases > Romance Dates

How this works is that you can give gifts to the guys and when they level up, or when you go on “dates” with them, you get to unlock text messages and get some rewards like more gifts or passes. The gifts come with different number of points. You start with only one guy and as you level him up, you can unlock another guy etc.

I believe that this is somewhat similar to the VIP section of the Love 365 app, which I have been using but have not shared because it is largely P2P.

Reading Reward

There is also a reading reward which runs for the full month and the more you read, the more things you can get for free. Premium choices gives you more EXP to level up and get more rewards. This goes all the way up to Level 40.

You also have the option to spend $6.98 for upgrading to better rewards here. However, do note that as it is a monthly thing, it will be reset every month so if it’s near the end of the month, it’s probably not worth it to pay for the upgrade.

Monthly Reward

Similar to Chapters, there is the monthly rewards calendar for checking in everyday.

VIP Pass is also available here and receive slightly more benefits when checking in. Although I am not a VIP holder for both Chapters and Romance, I seem to have vaguely observed that Romance VIP holders might have slightly better benefits here.


Invite Your Friends/ Free Diamonds

The Free Diamonds for watching ads is less here, meaning F2P players can only watch 6 ads to earn 6 diamonds a day, while VIP holders can earn double the amount of diamonds by watching up to 6. This is equivalent to only 12 diamonds a day, though if you are a VIP player, there are other diamonds given to you.
Thus it’s obvious this is not the main way to earn free diamonds. The easier way would just be to watch an ad after every chapter, so you get 2 per episode. You can also earn free diamonds by completing offers in the app, together with codes redemptions, and inviting friends.

For friends invitation, these are what you can receive when you invite your friends.

As I joined a long time ago without any Invitation Codes so I am also not sure what you will or can receive with my code.

If you do put in my Invitation Code: GYMM55TJM do let me know what you have received in comments so that it can be shared with others.


Advertising Free Function

There is a special function you can buy called Advertising Free, costing $1.99 which eliminates all ads at the start of each episode. Yes, there are ads at the start, except for the very first chapter of the book, which is like the app Episode. I am uncertain as to if buying this Advertising Free is a one-time thing or a monthly subscription, which I will probably try it out in July, and then share it, just in case it is a monthly thing and goes purely by the month.


Day, Choice, Outfit Choice Passes

Another difference from Chapters is that they have an additional Outfit Choice pass. They also have the usual Day passes and Choice passes and from what I have currently, the Day passes have a limited time (expiry) tied to it, while the other two, Choice and Outfit Choice passes do not have expiry, which I really like. 😊

Redemption Codes

You can click on Notifications in the app or go to their Facebook directly to check on current redemption codes.


I stopped playing for a long time so this round, I received a lot of Welcome Back gifts when I logged in yesterday, therefore I cannot be sure if the tickets are still maxed out at 2 Tickets, or how long they take to top up, as I have way more than that now.

Now if you are also bored of other Stories app like me, I urge you to give this app a try, as it is really way better now than previously.

If you are interested to sign up, then this is my Romance Fate: Story Games App

Invitation Code: GYMM55TJM


Btw, if you are a iPhone user, you have the choice to sign up using your Apple ID now, which was not available previously.

Have fun reading and stay safe! πŸ€“πŸ“š



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