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MLBB X Sanrio Skins Event 2023 – Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Hey guys, the MLBB X Sanrio Collaboration Event is back for 2023.

It runs from 3rd July till 3rd August 2023 this year.


The events that are running now are not as fun or interesting as last year’s, but the exclusive items are easier to get. You can check out the last Sanrio event here: MLBB X Sanrio Event 2022 if you are interested.

If you missed out the last event, you are able to receive all the limited items from last year here in the below listed events.

1) Delightful Vending Surprise Pre-Registration Gift:

Just login on 8 July and you will receive the Recall: Wonder Park (1 Day) gift.


2) Badtz’s Special Presents:

Complete the tasks like Daily Login, Completing matches using Claude, Floryn and Angela to collect Orange Sunglasses. These sunglasses can be exchanged for special gift items.
Badtz Elimination Effect: Knockout Uh, Next Time (Recommended!)
Happy Birthday, Cinnamoroll Avatar Border (Static Border, meaning no animation)
– Gifts: Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, Bad Badtz-Maru, PomPomPurin (For gifting friends increase Charisma)


Badtz Elimination Effect: Knockout Uh, Next Time


3) Lucky Bowknot Collection

Log in, recharge and spend Diamonds to get up to 32 Lucky Bows that you can exchange
Hello Kitty Spawn Effect
1 Vending Token
Fantastic Party, Cinnamoroll Special Avatar Border (This should be what I am using now, same design as Happy Birthday Cinnamoroll but with animation)

This is not the actual Recharge event, so you can only receive 1 Token.


4) Delightful Vending Surprise Premium Supply (1st Recharge Event)

There are usually two Recharge Events throughout the campaign so try to make use of it to get what you want during this period.

Log In – 1 Vending Token
Recharge any amount – 2 Tokens
Recharge 100 Diamonds – 3 Tokens
Recharge 250 Diamonds – 5 Tokens

Spend 100 Diamonds – 2 Tokens
Spend 250 Diamonds – 3 Tokens

If you complete all of the above, you will receive a total of 16 Vending Tokens for the gacha, which definitely gives you a Floryn skin or any epic and better skin.

To receive a Floryn Cinnamoroll skin, without spending too much, this is what I would suggest.

Buy the Weekly Diamond Pass at SGD$3.18, which is considered as recharging 100 Diamonds. This gives you 5 Tokens. Including the token you receive when you log in and exchanging with 4 Bows (Lucky Bowknot Collection), you will have 2 more Tokens, giving you 7 Tokens in total.

Lucky Bowknot requires spending 150 diamonds to get all 4 bows so you will have to spend 50 diamonds somewhere.

Then you can spend 100 Diamonds to get another 2 Tokens and finally, wait for the second Recharge Event, where logging in will give you the final 1 Token that you need.

Thus, by spending only SGD$3.18, you will receive the cute Floryn Cinnamoroll skin. 🙂


5) Delightful Vending Surprise: (Gacha)

You have to spend Diamonds on this to receive the Sanrio Skins. If you have the patience, make 1 draw at 50% discount everyday instead of 10 draws at a go and you can save 5 diamonds.

Remember that you can exchange for 1 Vending Token in the event Lucky Bownote Collection, with 4 bows and get more tokens from the recharge events.

Like last year, there is a guaranteed Floryn “Fluffy Dream” in 10 Draws (including single draws), so if you want a Sanrio skin, try to hit at least 10 draws.

That was how I got my Floryn skin shown below.
If you already have that skin, you will receive a random Epic or better skin on the reward list instead.


Bingo: It’s random. 10 Spins give you 1 chance for bingo.

Light up 3 Bingo pieces in a row, column or diagonal on the Bingo board for an unowned Epic or better skin (prioritising Sanrio characters skins)

Thus you will need to spin at least 30 times for a chance to (maybe) get 3 in a row, column or diagonal.


Sanrio X MLBB Skins:

  • Angela – Heartstring (Hello Kitty)
  • Claude – Bad Bro (Bad Badtz-Maru)
  • Chang’e – Moon Artist (PomPomPurin)
  • Floryn – Fluffy Dream (Cinnamoroll)


6) Delightful Vending Surprise Premium Supply (2nd Recharge Event)

The second recharge event has started today (22 July 2023) and will be running for 3 days.
Buy the weekly diamond pass to complete the 100 Recharge task, giving you a total of 6 Tokens including 1 Token for logging in, or the monthly pack to complete the 250 Recharge task.

Log In – 1 Vending Token
Recharge any amount – 2 Tokens
Recharge 100 Diamonds – 3 Tokens
Recharge 250 Diamonds – 5 Tokens
Spend 100 Diamonds – 2 Tokens
Spend 250 Diamonds – 3 Tokens


Last but not least, sharing the Floryn Skin: Fluffy Dream that I won from the Vending Surprise last year. Floryn and Cinnamoroll.


They are cute so sometimes I just deliberately choose to use her during Brawl. 😉


I just made 10 draws from getting the weekly diamonds pass but sadly, no Sanrio skins drawn. Hopefully you have better luck!

Enjoy playing! And stay safe!

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