Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends X Sanrio Characters Skins Event 2022

Hey guys, finally there is something cute that I want to get on MLBB. πŸ˜‚ It’s the Sanrio Characters and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Collaboration.

Sanrio, think Hello Kitty, Cinnamoroll, Pompompurin, Badtz-Maru. πŸ₯³

Too bad there isn’t Twin Stars. I like them, or rather I really like the unicorn in Twin Stars. πŸ˜… πŸ¦„

There is no Melody either from what I saw.

Not exactly sure what you can get yet but from what I saw, it’s probably avatar border, characters skins and in game effects.

This runs from 22nd February till 3rd April 2022.


First Sanrio Event:

For now, it’s Cinnamon’s birthday party until 6th March. You just have to log in and complete some tasks everyday to get items to decorate Cinnamon’s cake.

These are the tasks.

You can get three gifts. First is Floryn, the hero if you have yet to get. A Hello Kitty Gift which you can send as a gift to your friends.

The last gift is a “Happy Birthday Cinnamon” avatar border.

My cake shown above is all completed so I received this avatar border, and using it currently. You can see it below where I shared my IGN.


For once, I am really eager to find out what else I can get for this event. Hopefully, it doesn’t involve too much spending. πŸ˜… Hopefully!🀞🏻

I don’t mind grinding but not keen to spend on in-game merch. 😬

Three days left for this event so if you realised it late, you can still join in for the rest.


Second Sanrio Event:

This is the second event: Kitty’s Collection Book, till 25 March. You need to complete tasks everyday including logging in and you are able to get up to 5 cards per day. The cards are all given randomly.

The ultimate goal is to complete collection of all the cards to get the Badtz Badtz’s Elimination Effect, Knockout: Uh, Next Time.

When you complete 1 row, the bar will increase by 1, so you need to complete all 4 rows.


When you click on Collection Book, you can see what cards you already have and what you are missing. Then you can share the extras with your friends or request the missing ones from them.


You can only collect one set so no point in keeping the extras. If you have only one card, you are also unable to gift that card away.

I have a lot of duplicates. Therefore if you need any of those cards that I have extras of, add me as a friend with my username: rachelism.

If you are adding me for the cards, please send me a message after you have added me, if not I will take it that you are just following and will ignore your follow. Let me know that you are adding me for the Sanrio cards and I will add you back.

Just to let you know in advance that after we have finished trading, I will unfollow you. If you are missing a lot of cards, then let me know in the message too so I can keep you as a friend till the end of this event, or until you manage to complete your set, ok? 😊


I managed to trade for a Badtz Sports Day, my missing card, so this is my completed set.

If you need any of those that I have more than 1, scroll all the way down to see how to trade with me or for me to gift to you. Bear in mind I can only send 3 a day so fastest fingers first. 😜

And this is the Elimination Badtz that everyone has been trying to get, and you can only get it with a completed set.

So glad I got it. 😍

And I want to help you get yours too, so remember to read the end of this post to find out how to request from me. 😊


Third Sanrio Event:

The third event has already started too. Delightful Vending Special which is until 3rd April. As you need to spend diamonds on this, I won’t elaborate on it.

Just to note that you can exchange for 1 Vending Token in the event Lucky Bownote Collection, with 4 bows.

Also, there is a guaranteed card in 10 Draws.

Sanrio X MLBB Skins:

  • Angela – Heartstring (Hello Kitty)
  • Claude – Bad Bro (Bad Badtz-Maru)
  • Chang’e – Moon Artist (PomPomPurin)
  • Floryn – Fluffy Dream (Cinnamoroll)


Fourth Sanrio Event:

The fourth event is Purin’s Bingo Board, till 25 March.

You just need to complete tasks and login daily for this, and when you complete a row or a line, you can receive rewards. However, the ultimate reward for this upon completion of the whole board is the Permanent Skin of Valir: Pale Flame.


The tasks aren’t difficult. Mainly you have keep playing Boommander, an arcade game in the app.


Fifth Sanrio Event:

The last event is Badtz’s Special Presents, which starts on the 19th till 25th March.

I feel that there’s nothing special on this event so won’t elaborate on it.


Last but not least, sharing this Floryn Skin: Fluffy Dream that I won from the Vending Machine. It’s of her and Cinnamon.

It was the guaranteed 10th draw, sadly. πŸ˜…

Enjoy playing! 🀩 And stay safe! 😷✌🏻❀️


Extras I have to trade:

Leave me a comment below with what you need, both your ID and IGN (to prevent mistakes when I gift) and add me in MLBB at my IGN: rachelism

I can only send 3 gifts a day so the comments sequence and details provided (as requested above) will be prioritised. I will reply you here in my comments too so try to put your actual email when you comment.

You can send me Charisma (eg. Hello Kitty) if you have for the trade, but it’s ok if you don’t. 😊

K1: 13

K2: 6

K3: 7

C1: 13

C2: 10

C3: 0 (All Gifted For Now)

P1: 0 (All Gifted For Now)

P2: 18

P3: 4

B1: 7

B2: 0 (All Gifted For Now)

B3: 15


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