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December 2022 Redemption Codes – Chapters: Interactive Stories

Last updated on 2nd December 2022, Friday

Updated! December 2022 Chapters Redemption Codes:


– 2 Tickets

Code is valid for 1 December, 2022 PST


– 5 Diamonds

Code is valid for 30 November, 2022 PST


– 5 Diamonds

Code is valid for 27 November, 2022 PST

Happy birthday to my dearest bro! XD


*Codes are CASE Sensitive, type them in, don’t copy and paste


Continue reading or click on the links if you need to find out how to redeem the above redemption codes, or if you are looking for the Chapters Invitation Code. 😊



Happy Singles’ Day! Or Happy Double 11 wherever you are from. πŸ₯³

It’s already over here in Singapore but for those who are across the globe, enjoy the rest of your day with all the bulk discounts.

And here, enjoy your Free 2 Tickets.


– 2 free tickets

Code Valid for November 11, 2021 PST


Back to this, I decided to make a post to update all of you of any Chapters redemption codes that I come across, and hopefully update in time for future codes too. πŸ˜…

I will keep this post sticky on my blog so that it’s easy for you to locate in future.

Chapters Stories redemption codes are usually 5 diamonds or 2 tickets (for reading), but on special occasions, they will sometimes release codes for up to 10 diamonds so remember to look out for them.


Still thinking of how to present the codes so that you can see them at a glance without having to scroll through my mumblings. πŸ˜‚

This will also act as a quick guide for those who doesn’t know how or where to put in the redemption codes.

Before I start, if you are here to look for a friend invite, or as Chapters call the invitation code, you can key in mine.

Invitation code: 20s3y430


You can also refer to another post of mine, Chapters: Interactive Stories Invitation Code if you want to know a bit more about this stories app, get some tips or if you want to share your own code with others.


How To Redeem The Redemption Codes

From the homepage of the app, click on the Presents icon at the bottom of the screen.


There, you can access events, your daily login rewards, tasks, promotions etc.

Scroll right to the bottom and look for Redemption Code.


Just click on it and you will be able to key in your redemption code. Then click on redeem.


*Note that you will not be able to copy and paste the code, you need to type it in.

I have keyed in today’s code (Code for 1111) as reference.


If your redemption is successful, you will see a pop-up telling you what you have received.

For this code, you get 2 free tickets for reading the stories. 1 ticket is for 1 chapter.

Remember to click on Claim.



If it is fully redeemed already, the above pop-up will not appear. You will stay on the redemption code page and it will prompt that the code has been fully redeemed. Yes, I experienced that before. πŸ˜‚

If you have valid codes that you want to share, feel free to post them in my comments, together with the deadline/ expiry dates. I thank you for them in advance. 😊


A Few Things To Note:

– Codes are case sensitive so copy correctly.

– You can’t copy and paste the codes, so type them in.

– All codes’ deadlines/ expiry will be listed according to Chapters: Interactive Stories time, which is in PST (Pacific Standard Time).

– Codes CAN be fully redeemed so try to redeem it as soon as you see.

– The latest code will be right on top.

– There are both free tickets and diamonds and I will state them together with the codes, when I have redeemed them myself. In the event that I am too busy, I will just share the codes.

– I will delete old codes as and when, as they aren’t valid once they expire. (Yes, I also tried before πŸ˜‚)


Ok, I think that’s about it.

Happy reading!! πŸ“š

And stay safe!! 😷✌🏻

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