• Chapters: Interactive Stories

    December 2022 Redemption Codes – Chapters: Interactive Stories

    Updated! December 2022 Chapters Redemption Codes: wypnmgbu – 5 Diamonds Code is valid for 7 December, 2022 PST Happy birthday to a dear friend of mine. 🙂 bjagxc45 – 2 Tickets Code is valid for 1 December, 2022 PST   *Codes are CASE Sensitive, type them in, don’t copy and paste   Continue reading or click on the links if you need to find out how to redeem the above redemption codes, or if you are looking for the Chapters Invitation Code. 😊   Hihi~~ Happy Singles’ Day! Or Happy Double 11 wherever you are from. 🥳 It’s already over here in Singapore but for those who are across the…

  • Gamer For Life

    Where To Enter Invitation Code? – Invite Friends Back MLBB

    Where To Enter Invitation Code For Invite Friends Back/ Returning Players In Mobile Legends Bang Bang/ MLBB? How To Redeem/ Use MLBB Recall Code? When you did not log into MLBB for 7 days or more and when there is a Friends Callback event at the same time, there will be an additional box u see under your Friends Callback tab, shown as: Recall Code of the Inviter Enter my MLBB Recall Code: 9u1comh here. You can find it under: Events > Friends CallBack > Enter Recall Code of the Inviter > Enter my Invitation Code: 9u1comh After you have entered my Invitation Code, you can claim 2x Diamond Chests 1,…

  • It's My Life~

    Baby Zebra Doves Hatching On My Window Sill XD

    I was actually lucky 🍀 enough to catch the hatching of the baby birdies this morning! 😍 Day 17: The babies hatched under her when I was trying to set up time-lapse with my old phone while talking to her to keep her calm, and she moved to reveal the baby hatching, with some shells still attached. 🐣❤️ This photo of the baby zebra dove with the mum was taken right after the mummy dove dragged him/ her out of the shell while feeding. 😂 Call me imaginative but the baby looks like he’s pouting. 😜 It’s Day 17 from their first landing, but I assumed it’s Day 12 from…

  • It's My Life~

    Zebra Doves’ Nest On My Window Sill

    This little birdy built a nest on my window sill in a few hours yesterday morning, laid one egg yesterday, and another egg today. 🫢   So… I have a pet now. 😅 1st egg laid on 26 September 2022.   2nd egg laid today, 27 September 2022. Happy birthday 華仔~ ❤️🥚🥚😂🪺🐣

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    MoolahTycoon Referral Code: WlLvmgY4 – 150,000 Moolah$ DBS

    DBS’s Moolahpoly game is back this year. However this year, it is called DBS MoolahTycoon 2022. Before I go into details, if you are looking for a referral code to sign up for the game, here is mine: DBS MoolahTycoon Referral Code: WlLvmgY4 https://www.moolahtycoon.dbs.com.sg/register.html?referralCode=WlLvmgY4 Using my referral code when you are signing up, or clicking directly on my referral link, gives you an additional 150,000 Moolah$ to start your game. This game starts from 1 September to 30 November 2022.   It’s a really good amount of Moolah$ to start off with, since they just increased it from 50,000 Moolah$. As I could not find any referral codes when I…

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    Tabou Stories: Love Episodes Referral Code: SWZLFQJE

    Sharing another interactive stories app, Tabou Stories: Love Episodes today. Tabou Stories Referral Code: SWZLFQJE Tabou Stories: Love Episodes is an interactive stories app just like Chapters: Interactive Stories, Romance Fate: Story Games and My Fantasy: Choose Your Story. I used this app quite a long time back for awhile only so I will update with details again when I go back to the app. Basically, I stopped because the free keys needed to read the stories (like tickets in other apps) are really hard to get and slow to refill. At least that’s what I remember, and impatient me like to binge read. 😜 Will do more updates in…