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Poll Pay Proof Of Payment

Poll Pay is a legit app for completing surveys and offers and I have made numerous withdrawals with no issues at all.

All the withdrawals from Poll Pay to PayPal are also immediate, just like the AttaPoll app.

Proof Of Payment:

Above is the proof of payment from Poll Pay, under BitBurst GmbH.

For Poll Pay, there is a $0.60 “fee” so even though I withdrew $25.60, I received SGD$25 in my account.

There is no fee if you withdraw to your Amazon account.

Below is what is reflected in my PayPal account:


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Referral Code: 2WQHDHA27Z

You can read my full review and guide of Poll Pay here:

Poll Pay Referral Code: 2WQHDHA27Z – Singapore Review

Have fun earning! 💰🤑

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