GPT Referral Codes & Reviews

This is mainly where you can find referral codes, reviews and tips for GPT sites (Get-Paid- To) where you can earn a reward, usually cash or nowadays cryptocurrency for completing offers, like surveys or downloading a game and playing it.

  • GPT Referral Codes & Reviews

    Paid Viewpoint Referral Code/Link: rachelism – Singapore Review

    Paid Viewpoint is also a Surveys GPT site. If you are looking for a referral link, here is mine. Paid Viewpoint referral code/ link: I received $0.81 upon registration so I assume you will get the same too.   As of now, I cannot say for sure if it is legit or trustworthy as I have yet to reach the amount for a payout. I have read that it is and it pays well. However, I am not sure if it is for Singapore users or that my trait score is not high enough, as I have been using it for about 2 months now and I only received…

  • GPT Referral Codes & Reviews

    Hideout TV Referral Code/ Link – Singapore Review

    Hideout TV is a good and legit GPT site to earn rewards by watching videos, or rather watching ads and videos because you earn rewards from viewing the ads. Therefore, if you skip the ads, or if there are no ads in the videos that you watch, you won’t receive points. This is my Hideout TV referral code/ link:   Hideout TV – How To Earn? There are no direct and immediate rewards for you if you sign up only for Hideout TV, other than having an account to watch ads/ videos and earn rewards, but if you also sign in to after you have signed up for…

  • GPT Referral Codes & Reviews Review Singapore

    If you have heard of Hideout TV, you would probably have heard of It is very similar to Hideout TV, in the sense that you can watch videos and ads passively to earn points. There is no referral promotions for as of now so basically, there are no benefits to sign up, and you also do not need to seek out a referral code. :X   How Much Can You Earn From From what I have observed from, in Singapore, it gives me 1 point per video, regardless how many ads were in that video. This is to say, watching a short video is more worth…