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AttaPoll Referral Code: waoms – Singapore Review

I am introducing another legit Surveys App called AttaPoll. This is currently my favourite mobile Surveys app. Yes, more than Poll Pay though I am still using both.

My AttaPoll Referral Code: waoms

You need to sign up with a referral code from the country you are from in order to get an incentive. Thus, if you are from Singapore, sign up with mine to receive the reward for first sign up.

Is AttaPoll Legit? Is AttaPoll Real or Fake? Is AttaPoll Safe?

Yes, it is legit. It is real. It is safe. I have made many withdrawals from it to date over the past 2 years.

Like Poll Pay, it can be downloaded on your android and iOS phones so it’s easier to do surveys. AttaPoll is available in both Google Playstore and Apple App Store. However, different from Poll Pay, AttaPoll does not have a web version.

At first, I did not like it as much as Poll Pay because it seems that I kept getting disqualified on the higher paid surveys. However, after a few weeks of trying out, I have actually completed quite a few high valued ones.
In fact, I deliberately withdrew my balance from both apps at the same time, and I am doing an experiment between Poll Pay and AttaPoll now, and as of the time of posting this, my AttaPoll’s balance is almost double of Poll Pay’s.

I am not sure how much you can earn by signing up with my referral code: waoms as I could not find a Singapore AttaPoll referral code to sign up then, and I think I ended up using an overseas referral code so I did not receive any rewards then.

However, I do know that it is stated on their website that there is an incentive. I saw varying details on referrals rewards for signing up, from 50 points to $5 so I will probably need to get a friend to sign up in order to find out. If you are planning to sign up, maybe you can let me know what you receive too.

Do take note that you need to sign up with a referral code from the country you are from as they also stated that if the referred user is from a different country (in my case, not from Singapore), they might get a reduced incentive or none at all.

Continue to read on if you are interested in trying out AttaPoll.

Where To Enter AttaPoll Referral Code?

First of all, when you sign up, you can put in my AttaPoll Referral Code: waoms directly.
Alternatively, you can just click directly on my referral link: AttaPoll Referral Code Link

If you forgot to do either when you sign up, you can still add in a referral code within 7 days of becoming a user. All you have to do is to go to Settings inside the app.


Set Up Your Settings:

There are a few things to do when you sign up.

If you have yet to put in a referral code, you can do so by going to:

Settings > Enter referral code: waoms

If you have done that, now go and change the Frequency and Max Length under Surveys in Settings. This way, you can ensure that you receive all possible surveys available. You do not have to complete them all, but at least you have choices. Also, you won’t restrict yourself.

AttaPoll Surveys Good and Bad:

For the surveys here, they are similar to most surveys sites. However, one of the things I like about it is that it shows you directly how much you can earn in dollars and cents, so there is no need to calculate how many points equate to how much.

For Singapore, the amount you see is already in SGD (Singapore dollars).

When you first sign up, you will get a certain amount for filling up your profiler. You can find your personal profiler and details under settings too but I would suggest not to fill them up yet because when it is needed, you will receive surveys asking you a few questions and you get $0.04 for each one. It’s very little but if you fill them up in settings by yourself, you do not get anything.

On the other hand, maybe filling them all up let you get less disqualifications in attempted surveys. You can find all this under Profile Data.

At first, the highest amount I have gotten for a survey here on AttaPoll in Singapore seems to be $2.13. However, it seems to have changed recently and currently, the highest amount I received for a survey is $4.25. There are way more high value surveys now but this is the highest I have managed to complete. The next highest are $4.10, $3.84 etc. You get the idea.

There are stars on each survey and they represent the possibility of completion. The more stars for that survey, the higher the chances that you have to complete it.

However, I do not find it accurate.

There are many times where I managed to complete a one star survey and got disqualified on a five stars. Therefore, what I do is to just go for the highest value available.

The time stated on the survey is usually quite accurate.

Sometimes, you will also encounter technical issues where for example surveys do not load, or that there are actually no surveys left for you on that provider. In such cases, I will exit it and report as technical issue. Like Poll Pay, you do not receive any remuneration for such.

You can view your History (of attempted surveys) by going to Balance > History (top right corner of app). However, the history only lists the last 20 surveys you have clicked on, including the disqualified and those with errors.

The surveys on AttaPoll seem to be slightly different from those in Poll Pay, because I realised that even if I have attempted a survey with technical error on one app (so basically it’s one that I am eligible for but did not count as completed), I never did see the same one in the other app, even if they use the same provider. I do see it in or GrabPoints though. This is why I think the two apps vary slightly in the surveys they supply.

TRY to turn on your notifications for surveys so that you don’t have to waste time to check and also as the higher paying ones usually get taken up quite fast.



Surveys Disqualifications:

Sometimes you get disqualified, as per all other surveys sites. Unlike Poll Pay, you are not paid at all for disqualifications.

However, I have also noticed that at the start, you can receive $0.02 each day for surveys attempts, up to 3 per day. I said at the start because I no longer receive it now, since last week I think. As I can’t remember when I started, I can’t gauge how long it is available for.


AttaPoll Referrals:

This is what your friends will receive when you send your referral to them.

I’m inviting you to join AttaPoll. Get paid to take surveys. Download the app here:

Or if you referred them through your payment page.

I just got paid for taking surveys! Would you like to get paid as well? Download AttaPoll 👉


How To Withdraw From AttaPoll?

Types of Payment:

There are several ways you can receive payments. You can get them through PayPal, Gift Cards, Revolut or even donate them. I will elaborate on them individually below.

Do note that for AttaPoll withdrawal, you are NOT able to choose how much to withdraw.

For example, I had $11.21 and when I did the withdrawal, it automatically withdrew everything on my balance.

The most awesome thing about AttaPoll is that the payment through PayPal is immediate.

Yes, I mean instantly to the extent that I was screen-grabbing my Payment request that was pending, and I immediately got a notification from the app that it has sent me money. True enough, once I brought up my phone notifications, I saw a notification from PayPal. I was seriously impressed. It did not even take a minute. It was immediate!

Another good thing is that there is no “service fee” of any sort here. Meaning that the balance you have in your AttaPoll account, is the amount you can receive, even if you withdraw through PayPal. I have yet to test out the other payment methods.

When the payment has gone through, you can see it under Balance > Recent Payment Requests and it will be shown as Complete. You are able to click in and view that transaction too.



The minimum withdrawal for PayPal is $5. I have only tried PayPal so far and as I elaborated up there, the payment through PayPal is instant and in SGD.

To request for PayPal payment, you have to key in your PayPal email address. Please make sure that you check it before you submit and a pop-up will request your confirmation. Once you click on Yes, a code will be sent to that email. You will need to enter the code and confirm it. Once this is done, you receive your payment in PayPal instantly.

Alternatively, you can still choose to cancel this payment request at the point of entering the code.

You need to key in and confirm your email address every time you request a withdrawal. However, the “entering of code that is sent to your email” only has to be done the first time. After that, once you click on Yes on the pop-up to confirm, you will receive your payment straight away.

If you do not have an account with PayPal, they have a link below in the Request PayPal payment page that you can click on.


Gift Cards:

They have the gift cards option in the app. Recently they added Grab Gift Card, because previously it was blank. The Grab gift card acts as a promo code, not a top up to your wallet. It’s the only gift card you can redeem for now.



The minimum withdrawal for Revolut is $4.50. I do not currently have a Revolut account so I did not attempt this yet. I might attempt it in the future and will update this part.

You will need to enter your Phone Number and Your Full Legal Name that match your Revolut account.



The minimum withdrawal for Donation is $4.50.

Different from Poll Pay, you are also able to donate your earnings to a few fixed organisations inside the app. I am not sure if you are able to choose the amount for donations and will update after I have tried it out.
They are Red Cross Ukraine Crisis, UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, Water Aid, Samaritans, London Air Ambulance, WWF, and Breast Cancer Now. Unlike the Milieu app, these are more international organisations than local ones.


Customer Support/ Help:

If you need to contact them, in your app, you can go to Settings > Help. There are FAQs there to answer some of the more common questions.

If you have a problem with a survey, either click on Surveys > I want to complain about a specific survey or Others > I want to complain about a specific survey. You can find the last 15 surveys that you clicked on here.

If you have an issue with your withdrawal, click on Payments > I have an issue with a payment and you can enter the details of your problem.


Cons of AttaPoll:

Frankly the worst thing about it is the interface of the customer support. This is because it is limited. Like for example, I wanted to find out more about the referral reward but there is no such option, unless I enquire under the “Issue with payment” option. Also, when you submit an issue with the survey, they will mostly give a standard reply like how I completed a survey but did not receive payment but I was just told that they also don’t get paid.

However, there are also times when I completed the survey and did not get paid, and I reported the survey. The customer service then explained that the client did not confirm that the survey was completed yet they still gave me a bit of remuneration out of goodwill.

The other con is probably the high number of disqualifications I have, with no remuneration. However, as the disqualifications all happen right at the start after you click on the surveys, you don’t waste time attempting any.


AttaPoll Proof Of Payment:

This is the Proof Of Payment from AttaPoll App (AttaPoll Ltd) so it is definitely legit.


Therefore, if you are interested to try it out, you can use my AttaPoll Referral Code: waoms to try and earn a small incentive.



As mentioned at the start, I was not impressed at first but I now think differently of AttaPoll after I have tried it out for a while, purely because I am earning more than I am in Poll Pay, even though the highest paid survey here is $4.25, while that in Poll Pay is $8.72.

I am also currently running an experiment between Poll Pay app and AttaPoll app to see the difference in earnings for a month, since I made my last withdrawal from both apps on 19 May, and I will share the results in another post.

Thank you in advance if you are using my Referral Code: waoms to sign up and when I know what the incentive is, I will update accordingly. If you do get an incentive, leave me a comment here so I can share with the rest.

For now, enjoy earning 💰 and be safe! 😷


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