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Fortune Wheel July 2021 – Chapters: Interactive Stories

Just realised that there is a newly added Fortune Wheel under Events in Chapters: Interactive Stories.

Thought I would share it with you guys though there are no free spins this time round.

Also, it is only from 4th July to 13th July so make use of it during the week if you wish to.

You can find it under the Presents tab at the bottom of your homepage. Look at Events in the top tab and you can find Fortune Wheel there.

There are two different types in Fortune Wheel, the Coin Wheel and the Diamond Wheel.

Below shows the Coin Wheel where you use your maple coins to spin it, at 300 Maple Coins each time.

The best reward is probably the 10 Diamonds or the Diamond Choice Passes.

As it is totally random, I would suggest you try this only if you have extra coins to spare as the normal exchange rate for F2P users are 40 Maple Coins for 1 diamond.

The other one is the Diamond Wheel where you can use 10 diamonds for one spin.

There is also a Super x1 spin which you can increase up to Super x3, which the latter means you use 30 diamonds to spin, and you receive 3 times the rewards.

Frankly I do not find this tempting this round as I mentioned, there are no free spins but if you are just short of that few passes to finish reading your stories, I think it will be worth it to try your luck and get the passes instead of buying them or waiting a few hours for it to refill.

If you are looking for July’s Check In Rewards, you may want to read this post:

July 2021 Check In Rewards Calendar – Chapters

Good luck spinning. Have fun reading.

Stay safe! 😷

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