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Shopback Referral Code: 9PkpLq – $17 Cashback & More Bonus

Get $5 bonus referral Cashback (March 2024), $5 off your first Shopback Paylater purchase (claim and use by 31 Dec 2024), up to $10 off first Shopback Pay (claim and use by 31 Dec 2024) and $2 off your first Shopback Pay transaction (claim on Welcome Page, minimum $5 and use by 31 Dec 2024), giving you up to $17 bonus cashback and more when you download and sign-up with my Shopback Referral link.


Shopback Referral Code: 9PkpLq



March 2024 Latest Shopback Promotion:

This latest promotion is up tp $10 off* your first Shopback Paylater purchase, $2 off Shopback Pay transaction, and up to 20% off vouchers and cashback, up to $120 off brands purchases and epic hourly deals.

There are also various mall and bank promotions like Shop GST-Free with up to 9% rewards with CapitaLand, $108 cash rewards with OCBC,  $25 cashback with DCS, and up to $10 cashback (Shopback Pay) with Trust Bank. Check under Bonus right below your lifetime earnings on homepage.

Remember to opt in to challenges in the Earn More tab as there are many brands challenges this month.

*The $10 off first Shopback Paylater promo is for new users whose 1st transaction is Paylater and must be claimed first and used by 31 December 2024. Minimum spend is $30.

  • If you are a new user and intend to use Paylater, I suggest that you do the Paylater transaction first, so you can enjoy $10 off, then proceed with the Shopback Pay transaction which gives you $2 off. Last but not least, the online transactions at whatever prevailing promotions.

If you have already made another Shopback transaction, you can claim the $5 off your first Shopback Paylater transaction voucher instead (for users new to Paylater).


For the Shopback 3.3 Mega Sale 2024, there are new Challenges this month so remember to opt in first by clicking Join before purchases and transactions. You can find them under the Earn More tab or simply by clicking on the 3.3 Mega Sale banner on the homepage.

You can find epic daily deals, earn up to 20% upsized cashback on 3.3 for online, $20 cashback and up to 20% off vouchers and Paylater.

Claim all your free Shopback PayLater vouchers by clicking on your Shopback PayLater, and you can see all the various vouchers to be claimed.

For other bonus cashback vouchers, click on the Earn More tab to collect.


Hi guys, I am back! XD

I have not thought of writing and sharing this before because I thought that referral codes were plenty online, and I have only shared them with close friends previously, until recently, when a friend asked me about it.

Also, I tried to sign up for another cashback app a few days back and it took me way too long to find an invitation code. Therefore, I have decided to share this here, plus a few tips I have learned over the past few years.

My Shopback Referral Code: 9PkpLq


Before we start, let me address this first.


Is Shopback legit? Can Shopback be trusted?

The answer from me is “It is subjective”.

Shopback used to be trustworthy. I have earned cashback from purchases, deals and vouchers from them. And I have also made a number of withdrawals to date.

However, in recent years, as there are more and more things that Shopback came up with, the conditions also start to vary.

Like I was most recently informed, my referral cashbacks were rejected because I was not supposed to share my referral online, including social media. However, they did not have an issue with me sharing it on my blog back when they just started and were not as popular. It was not even stated explicitly in their T&Cs.

Also, you might get your cashback made from purchases and bonuses rejected for no reason, and if it is not a big amount, you probably can’t be bothered to contact them like me.

If you did not pay attention, your cashback might not be tracked and they have a timeline before you can contact the customer service, so you might miss out due to the deadline, by the time you realise it. This happened to me several times.

These are just some of the issues that I have encountered with them and truth be told, currently (2024) their cashback promotions and bonuses are not even as attractive as other apps.

I will try to share those when I find the time.

Shopback is an e-commerce site that provides cashback for purchases made both online and in stores. I am only familiar with the Singapore version, so I am not exactly sure if it’s the same overseas but I assume it is, or will be.

It is currently available in Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, Hong Kong and most recently, Australia.


Before I explain further, this is the Shopback invitation link to sign up directly.

Shopback Referral Code Link/ Refer A Friend


You can sign up both online (webpage) or through your phone, by downloading the app, with the same link.


When you sign up through your laptop/ desktop with the link, you can see the referral code being applied at the login page and it will say:

Referral code applied: 9PkpLq

Sign up today to get your $5 bonus!


If you sign up on your phone, it will direct you to download the app and then open the app for you to sign up.

From my recent trial, the code can be seen as applied even through app sign up.

If you want to find out how to do so, you can refer to this post: Shopback App Sign Up Guide where there is a short walkthrough for signing up with the app.


Once you sign up with the link, you will get a $5 bonus cashback but you don’t actually receive it until you make a purchase. You will also need a minimum of $10 confirmed cashback in your account before you are able to withdraw any amount, to either your bank account, Paylah or PayPal.

I will also in turn receive $5 or whatever the prevailing promotion is during that time but I would also not receive it until certain conditions are met. This will be the same if you invite your friends or family too.

I am writing this based on memory since I signed up quite a few years back, but I assume it is still the same.

Even though it’s a little troublesome, you do actually save quite a lot, or earn a lot of cashback if you do online shopping or visit the restaurants or stores in Shopback/ Shopback Go.

I think this is especially useful since during and after the pandemic, a lot of shopping and even food delivery is done online/ on your phone.

Hopefully, my Shopback review is useful for most of you, if not all. 😜

Shopback has a few different functions that you can get cashback from.


1) Shopback Online: Buying from online stores (local and overseas)

– Using Shopback as a platform and buying stuff from online stores that are listed in Shopback.

The very important thing here is that you have to click through Shopback to go to the shop you want to buy from.

If not, you won’t get any cashback.

To put it simply, I want to buy an iPhone from the Apple store. I go into the Shopback app on my phone, search for Apple Store, click through there and purchase. Make sure the transaction goes through before closing the page/ app.

Some transactions open up the respective apps, and some open up in the Shopback app itself.

If you are just browsing and have taken a long time to decide what you want to buy, or after clicking through many items, I would suggest clicking through Shopback again right before you make your purchase. It’s troublesome and a waste of time, but if it’s a lot of cashback, you save more time doing this than trying to track/ get your cashback if it didn’t go through.

Some stores give higher cashback for the first purchase and lower for subsequent purchases.

Now that Singapore and many countries have opened up travel again, I would suggest that you make good use of Shopback and the travel sites to earn the most rebates. As for many of the travel sites, you get the highest rebate for the first transaction so try to make use of that.


Shopback Cashback Online Stores:

These are some of the stores and the cashback you can receive. You can check them out on your Shopback app (last tab at the bottom)


2) Shopback Go (Spending In-Stores > Click on Nearby)

This is a feature which I really like. 😊 You earn cashback from buying from local stores, eating in restaurants or even buying your favourite bubble tea.

Shopback has updated the interface again so you can find this under:

Homepage > Nearby


Shopback Go: Deals and Spending in-stores

First of all, you can get a one-time bonus cashback just by linking your bank credit/ debit card. (This is subjected to prevailing promotions.)

After that, all you have to do is spend and pay with that Linked Credit/ Debit card or Shopback Pay in stores that are in Shopback Go (Nearby). You receive the cashback really fast after payment, unless otherwise stated.

You can link more than one card but I would suggest waiting for promotions to link different cards, especially if they are from different banks.

There is a change to the way you can receive your cashback from Shopback Go. I forgot the exact date it started last year (2020) but it used to be whenever you spend at a Shopback Go merchant, you will receive your cashback immediately and it will turn into confirmed cashback within a few days from the date of purchase.

However, as Shopback wants to help the merchants improve their business due to the pandemic, they have made changes to it. And now, you will only be able to have your cashback confirmed after you purchase from the same merchant again.

This means that when you dine in at Merchant A, you get a cashback of $5 which is shown as pending cashback. There will be an expiry date to that cashback (usually a few months – different merchants have different expiry duration). When you visit Merchant A again, before the expiry date, you get a pending cashback of $3. Once this $3 is tracked (appears in your account), your previous $5 from Merchant A will become confirmed cashback in 7 to 14 days.

Therefore, if it’s a restaurant or shop that you seldom visit or only go to once, it will be hard for you to earn the cashback. 🙁

This change is beneficial for merchants but not for us consumers. On the brighter side, they have recently made a change which I noticed and it’s that the cashback seems to be tied to the brand and not the outlet anymore. I am not sure if it’s the same for all merchants or just those that I have visited. This is good as if I happen to go to Krispy Kreme at Northpoint but usually I visit the outlet at Jurong Point, I am still able to get the pending cashback that I have earned at Northpoint, without having to visit there again.


Loyalty Rewards:

There are also Loyalty Rewards for Shopback Go. This is only limited to Participating Merchants and every reward differs.

If there is a Loyalty Reward for that merchant, it will usually be shown under that merchant’s page.

To locate the Loyalty Rewards that you currently have, go to

Account (last tab at bottom) > Loyalty


Nearby > Scroll down > Cashback & Loyalty


3) Vouchers and Deals

The most recent add-on in 2021 is purchasing vouchers and deals.

When you buy vouchers or deals, you earn instant cashback, which you can either use online or in stores.
Vouchers are used online when you make purchases or add in as credit to your account, like Apple iTunes credit which you can add to your Apple ID balance, while deals are those that you can use in stores to redeem for food and drinks or cash vouchers to offset your purchases.


It’s easy to use but when I tried out the Foodpanda voucher, what I didn’t like was that it doesn’t include the delivery fee.

Say if my food cost is $8 and the delivery fee is $3, and I have a $10 voucher that I purchased from Shopback, it will only offset the $8, and not the $10. I am not sure if this applies for all purchases but if so, it’s only worth it if your original item is equivalent or more than the voucher cost.

The vouchers and deals rebates will show as Pending at first, and after you have utilised them, they will be confirmed a few days later. Therefore, remember to mark your vouchers as Used after redeeming or using them.


4) Challenges (Earn More tab)

The Challenges are way more complicated and confusing now than when Shopback first started it.

However, to put it simply, you will have to activate them first before you can earn the rewards or bonus that come with the purchases, be it on Shopback online stores, Shopback Go or Shopback Paylater.

You can usually find them under your Earn More tab. However, this is not always the case, and sometimes not all of them show up. I don’t know why but I have met with instances where a challenge of Spend in 5 stores shows up in the earn more tab and a few days later, Spend in 1 store shows up.

Also, sometimes you might find new challenges under Nearby or some other banners that you click on. This is why I took so long to update this portion as I was waiting for them to be consistent, but it is still not. 😅

Usually, the challenges will be updated at the start of the month. Other times, they will update when promotions are coming, like the usual 9/9, 10/10, Christmas, Chinese New Year etc. They also have some challenges like Pay Day near the end of each month.

Most of the time, they are limited to a certain number of people. From what I have observed, how you receive the challenge reward depends on the time and day your buys and cashback get recorded.

Let me explain it.

For example, this challenge is limited to 10 people. Even if you are the first to make the purchase but your cashback only gets registered by the system after 10 other people’s cashback get registered, you will not get the reward for it. Therefore, if you are making a purchase just for that challenge, you need to take note, as some vendors’ cashback appears in your account very fast and some take super long.


5) Shopback Pay (QR Code – Pay Immediately)

Shopback has its own Payment System now known as Shopback Pay. Basically, it works the same way as GrabPay, Shopee Pay or FavePay.

You just need to scan a QR code at a merchant store and you can pay using your Shopback account, where you can also choose if you want to redeem your existing cashback.

All you need to do is to click on Scan & Pay at the bottom (middle icon) of your homepage.

Do note that this is provided you already have a Linked Debit/ Credit Card to your Shopback Go account. If you don’t, refer to my Shopback Go portion above for more details.

To know if a merchant has Shopback Pay, you just need to visit the merchant’s page in the app and under their store name, if you see the Scan Button this means that that merchant has Shopback Pay/ Shopback Paylater. You can refer to the Payment Methods for that merchant to confirm.

Note that even if you redeem your existing cashback when you make a payment with Shopback Pay, you will still earn the current cashback rate according to your full amount spent.

For example, if you spent $10 and your cashback is 10%, this means you should receive $1 as your pending cashback. If you redeem your existing cashback of $9 and actually only pay $1 with your credit card, you will still receive $1 as pending cashback for this transaction.


6) Shopback PayLater (QR Code – Pay In Installments of 3)

Shopback’s latest feature in 2022 is Shopback PayLater, powered by Hoolah as Shopback acquired Hoolah in late 2021. You should be familiar with it if you have used other apps’ Pay Later features before, or even payments such as Atome.

This is like a short-term instalment payment method, where you can pay for your purchases in 3 instalments with 0% interest.

You can find Shopback PayLater at the top right of your homepage and also view the maximum amount you are entitled to use.

Your maximum amount of PayLater balance depends on the merchant, your profile and your repayment history. It may be adjusted from time to time. The minimum you start with should be $1200 if I remember correctly. As I use Shopback quite often, mine is higher.

As Hoolah and Shopback are two different apps, even if you have Hoolah already, you can still sign up for Shopback PayLater. However, I would suggest that you use Shopback PayLater instead of Hoolah since using it gives you additional cashback on the platform.


How To Set Up And Use Shopback PayLater?

– To set up PayLater, you need to Verify Your Identity. You can choose to verify with SingPass (My Info) or Use your IC for verification. The IC method is only applicable for those with Singapore IC.

– Then you just need to select PayLater at check out. You can use it either online or in stores.

– Pay in 3 monthly instalments. The first instalment will be at the point of purchase and the remaining are to be paid in the following 2 months.

Do remember to check your Shopback app payment status to avoid late fees.

The late payment fees are as follows:

$0-$99 – $5 Late Payment Charge

$100-$999 – $15

$1000 and up – $30

I don’t intend to try this out for now, but in the future, if there are any other promotions tied with it, I might give it a try and will share any insights when I do.


7) Shopback Refer A Friend/ Referral Code

In my case, this is my Shopback Referral Code: 9PkpLq

Yours would be somewhat similar.

To access your information, including finding your referral code, click on the human icon (Account) on the bottom right of your app.

Account > Referrals

If the interface changes, just look for your account information (profile). It should still be depicted by the human icon. From there, look for Referrals or Invite A Friend, where you will be able to get your personal referral code.


If you want to Refer A Friend to get the bonus cashback, there are even more conditions.

The bonus cashback changes frequently so for the latest promotion, go to Earn More challenges or refer to in-app under Account > Referrals.

Requirements for Shopback Referral Bonus to change to “Confirmed.”

Received a Referral:

• Signs up with a unique link or referral code

• Accumulates a minimum of $10 in confirmed Cashback or has fully-paid SGD300 in PayLater orders

• Updates your bank account details as withdrawal in your ShopBack account


Refer-A-Friend Bonus Deadline:

• Starting 25th September 2023, new members signing up via Refer-A-Friend will have 180 days to meet the criteria from their friend’s sign-up date.

If the criteria aren’t met within 180 days, both the friend and referral bonuses will expire.

• For all users who signed up before 25th September 2023, the deadline to complete Refer-A-Friend criteria is extended to 31st March 2024. After which, the bonus will expire too.


Personally, I like Shopback Go, even though not as much now with the new changes. 😬 Also, booking on online travel sites through Shopback is very useful, as you can save a lot with the cashback when you book either your flights or accommodation. If you are a first-time user (of that travel site), the rebate is even higher.

The downside is the hassle of having to click through Shopback. My brother hates it. 😂


However, if you would like to try it out, here is my Shopback Referral code: 9PkpLq

Shopback Invitation Link: Shopback App Refer A Friend


This is what it will say when you send your referral code/ link to a friend.


Have I told you about Shopback? It’s a win-win because I get up to 30% cash back from shopping at my favorite sites like Lazada, Agoda, ASOS, or Deliveroo ! Sign up with my free link and claim your $5 welcome bonus!

Happy Shopping


8) Other Shopback Rewards/ Brands & Banks Collaborations

Just realised that there are also vouchers given to new users when they sign up. Didn’t have these when I signed up years back. 🤨


Many Shopback collaborations with Brands and Banks give you free Shopback promo codes for discounts or scratchcards for cashback, and usually, it is best to check in-app for the latest collabs. They are usually found under the banners for Shopback Go (Nearby), homepage banners or Bonus (new tab below your lifetime earnings).

For the Bank Collabs, cashbacks are usually automatically given in the form of a scratchcard found under Rewards, after payment is made.
For Merchants Collabs, you will usually need to Apply a Promo code to get the discounts, during your Shopback Pay payment.

Below are some which I feel are worth taking note of. 😉

Banks Collaborations:

  • Trust Bank – Get up to $20 cashback when you link your Trust card to your Shopback account and pay with Shopback Pay using your Trust card (prevailing minimum spend required) and earn 8% bonus cashback (online)
  • DBS Bank/ POSB – Earn a guaranteed $20 cashback with your POSB everyday or DBS Woman’s card
  • Citibank – Get up to $25 bonus cashback
  • HSBC – Get 1% bonus cashback
  • CIMB – Enjoy 8% bonus cashback

Merchants Collaborations:

  • CapitaLand Malls – Link your Shopback account with your CapitaStar account and you can earn up to 100% Rewards
  • Food Republic – Enjoy 18% off and win $1,800 cashback with a minimum spend of $8

Do note that you need to pay with Shopback Pay or the linked bank cards to earn these rewards.



Sep 2023 Refer-A-Friend (Referral) Bonus Deadline!

Hey guys, I’ve got some new and important information to share regarding the Shopback Referral promotion. You might have received the notification in your Shopback app informing you of your Pending Referral Bonus expiring. Sadly, we no longer have all the time to slowly earn that bonus.

Starting from 25th September 2023, if you’re a new member joining Shopback with Referral Codes, you have 180 days (6 months) to meet the criteria from your sign-up date. It’s like a little bonus countdown! ⏰😅

Here’s the deal: if the criteria aren’t checked off within those 180 days, both your bonus and your friend’s will sadly vanish. ☹️

For those who have signed up before 25th September 2023, no need to stress because you have until 31st March 2024 to meet all the Refer-A-Friend requirements.

This goes for most of my readers and referrals, so be sure to try and hit those requirements before 31st March next year, to receive your referral bonus.

Your support means the world to me. Let’s continue to grow together by sharing the goodness.



Some Tips For You:

Promotions are often available so take note of the higher cashback for certain stores, purchasing with certain bank credit cards or promo codes for extra cashback.

– Not all stores listed have cashback now. Check before you make a purchase.

– When you click on the store, take some time to check if there are restrictions, like you cannot earn cashback when you buy through the website, only on the app, and promo codes from other sources can’t be used. You save more time checking than trying to get the cashback from their customer service after.

– There is a Shopback extension for desktops that you can use/ install. (Wait for the promo for the first purchase through extension if you have yet to do so.)

– You must pay with the card that you linked (registered) in Shopback Go or Shopback Pay/ Paylater to receive the cashback.

– There are changes to the way you can receive your cashback in Shopback Go. Read through the details above under the Shopback Go part.

– This is a quick guide if you want to know How To Withdraw Shopback/ Shopback Go Cashback


That’s it. Have fun buying, saving and earning! 😅

Stay safe! 😷


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