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Mobile Legends Invitation Code: 9u1comh – Invite Friends Back

Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) is having the invite friends/ old players back campaign again!

I realised that the Invitation Code: 9u1comh remains the same, so I have decided to do this generic post so that in future, I will just update it here. It will be easier for you to see the promotion details and free skins too. 😊

If you are back because of the new event, check out this post:
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Invite Friends Back Event: March 2024

This is the current new event for March 2024.

Invite Friends Back: Win Diamonds!

MLBB Invitation Code: 9u1comh


The reward is 2x Diamond Chest 1, where you can win up to 999 diamonds.


Time to return to the game and fight together! Return now for a chance to win tons of Diamonds.

Use my invitation code: 9u1comh

Old players/ returned players refer to players who have not logged in for 7 days or more.


Yi Sun-Shin: Major General

There is a Yi Sun-Shin: Major General free hero skin given for the 7th invite back.

This is what the skin looks like:

I am not good at this character. Only used him before in Arcade games and I totally have no idea how to use his skills well, but this skin is kinda cool! πŸ˜…


Finally, as I have been too busy to play, I can answer this question below. πŸ˜‚


Where To Enter Invitation Code For Invite Friends Back/ Returning Players In Mobile Legends Bang Bang/ MLBB?

You can refer to this post: Where To Enter Invitation Code for more details and a precise walkthrough guide.

Or follow the below after you log into the game.

Enter my MLBB Recall Code 9u1comh here:

Events > Friends CallBack > Enter Recall Code of the Inviter > Enter my Invitation Code: 9u1comh


What are Synergy Coins for?

For those that have invited your friends back, you will notice that there are Synergy Coins given to you when you claim your rewards. These Synergy Coins allow you to exchange for rewards in the Event Shop, during the Invite Friends Back campaign.

This is what you can exchange for in the Event Shop:

According to the T&Cs, the rewards in the shop will be changed from time to time, though I have yet to witness any changes from the start till now.

You can exchange for Diamond Chests (which I have not gotten diamonds before πŸ˜…), Star Protection Card for team of 3, and Vulcan, Lapu-Lapu’s hero skin.

If you can’t manage to collect 20 Synergy Coins for the skin, you can save it up.

I am not sure how long this will go on but I have tested it many times. As I had 3 Synergy Coins left in the 2nd campaign, I didn’t use them up. And when 3rd campaign started, I had 4 Synergy Coins after claiming 1, so I know it was brought over.

I intend to save it for Lapu’s skin since I don’t really play in a team of 3 and the diamond chests have not given me any diamonds to date. πŸ˜‚

I have already hit 20 Synergy Coins to exchange for Lapu’s skin and I just redeemed it, so this is the Lapu-Lapu’s skin: Vulcan.

Lapu-Lapu: Vulcan


Thanks for using my referral code: 9u1comh 😊

I wish I can collect more and gift them away, either the skin or the synergy coins, but sadly for now, that’s not a game mechanic.

In the event that you see my previous two posts on inviting old players back to ML, the invitation code and links work the same.

Also, if you are interested to know, I have gotten skins and other stuff from the invites but no diamonds at all. ☹️

Maybe you have better luck? πŸ€


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Click on the link below if you are looking for:

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There are new heroes and skills if you have not been playing for awhile.

Have fun! πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

Stay safe! 😷



  • Astro

    Hi, if I may ask. Is there any chance that you’re selling help for this event (Invite Friends Back)? Because I also want to reach 20/20 in this event.

    • rach

      Hi, wish I can help but there is no way i can control the people who uses the referral. Perhaps you want to try putting your referral code in the comments and I can approve them? That’s really the best I can do.

    • rach

      Sure! I am not as free now to play often but you can add me at IGN: rachelism (the account with Satoru Gojo pic) if you don’t mind. Let me know your IGN here so that I can add you back. πŸ™‚

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