Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

[New Game] Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Returning Players Invitation Code

I have recently started to play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. About a week plus I think.

It is a 5v5 MOBA game where you team up with 4 other people or friends to battle against 5 other players.

Took me very long to start this because my previous phone was too old and also, I was playing Garena 傳說對決 which is the Taiwan version of Garena AOV. 😂

As I stopped 傳說 for a long while, I have not been getting back to it because there are way too many new stuff (heroes, features and skills etc) and it will take me some time to catch up. Thus I thought may as well try a new game.

Moreover, my friends on that app are mostly inactive and my brother is also playing MLBB so I have someone to play with.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


They are recently having this campaign where I can get diamonds and items by inviting old players who have not played for awhile (7days or more) back into the game.

I don’t think it is applicable for new players but I can’t find any referral codes for new players so won’t be able to share that now.

This is why I am sharing this. 😂

My Invitation Code: 9u1comh


Depending on how many players you invite back, you will receive various rewards with 15 friends being the maximum.

I can’t find any information on what the invited friends will receive but I believe it will be somewhat similar, diamonds and items.

This is what the invitation link says:

Time to return to the game and fight together! Return now for a chance to win tons of Diamonds. Use my Invitation Code: 9u1comh.


Though I find that it’s not exactly very inviting to go back into the game. 😂 I think you should be able to get some diamonds.

This campaign ends in 13 days so probably 16th to 17th May and it’s for returning players are those who have not played or login for 7 days or more.



If you are planning to return to the game, may as well key in my invitation code to see if you get a reward.

If you do get rewards, share them with me to let me know what you received. I am curious. 😂

There is also a current 515 E-Party Event going on which has quite some rewards being given including a new hero Phoveus so join in if you can.

Ready… Go!

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