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Last updated on 9th April 2021, Friday

Quick update.

You can get free diamonds, by doing a survey in Chapters app.

Though I have no idea how many since I have yet to receive them, you should still do it if

1) you need diamonds

2) you have improvements you would like to see in the game or app to suggest to the Chapters team

Login to your app, on the homepage click on the floating bubble at the bottom right.

You will be led to the Events page.

The banner you want to click on is the User Experience Survey.

After which it will open up your web browser to the survey.

Scroll down and fill up the survey. It’s quite easy and fast.

Right at the bottom, the last question is where you must fill up, as that is how you can receive your diamonds.

As it’s not stated clearly how the diamonds will be given, I would suggest that you put in the email that is linked to your Chapters app account, in case it’s credited directly to the app.

That’s all! I will update here again with the amount of diamonds I receive.

No idea how long this survey will last since it isn’t stated, so do it fast if you want free diamonds. It’s a quick survey anyway.


Diamonds are given when logged into app. This is what I received.

Opened up to receive 10 diamonds which was not a lot for a survey, so quite disappointing since it’s not even enough to buy one premium choice. I would expect at least 30 diamonds for such a user survey. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Happy reading!

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