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$5 Birthday Treat – Don Don Donki Singapore

Hey guys,

Giving you another reason to sign up as a member for Don Don Donki, the Japanese supermarket. πŸ˜‚

As my birthday falls in this month, I received a $5 birthday voucher from them. I had no idea since they did not text or email it to me.

Only upon going into my app did I notice the voucher. It was indeed a surprise! πŸ₯³

It can be found directly by clicking on My Coupons in homepage or under your dwallet in the app under coupons. It appears right at the top of all coupons, before redemption.

As of Jan 2024, you will still receive it. I just redeemed mine. However, there is sadly a change, where there is a minimum spending of $20 in order to utilise the $5 birthday voucher.


New $5 Birthday Voucher from 2023 (min $20 spend):


Old $5 Birthday Voucher 2021/ 2022:

The expiry is at the end of the month so I believe it was probably credited at the start of the month and lasts for one month.

It can be used immediately at any outlet in Singapore, except Changi Airport. The terms and conditions are also stated in the coupon, like cannot be combined with other coupons, valid only on birthday month.


As of now, I have already redeemed mine and it was easy. Just let the cashier know that you are redeeming your birthday voucher and she will ask you to click on Redeem Now. Then, you will be prompted to give camera rights for the app, and you have to accept because the cashier will then give you something to scan with your phone.

The interesting thing is that the $5 discount isn’t reflected directly in the receipt as a $5 discount, but shown as a deduction off each of your purchased items.

Not important but I thought it was quite different from usual practices. 😝



Having the membership lets you accumulate dMiles with purchases, which you can then use to redeem for vouchers.

Therefore, if you aren’t a member yet, and you are interested to find out more, you can refer to this post of mine:

Don Don Donki Referral Post

Happy Birthday! πŸ₯³

Enjoy the redemption. πŸŽ‰

Stay safe! 😷

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