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Chapters: Interactive Stories Invitation Code 20s3y430

Chapters: Interactive Stories Invitation Code: 20s3y430

Chapters: An interactive stories platform bringing your favorite stories to life! Copy this friend invitation code ’20s3y430’ and enter it when playing the game to receive in-game rewards!


Recently I started reading on this app called Chapters where you go through a story as the main character and you get to make a choice based on your decision, and of course whether you are willing to spend some diamonds. 😂

View another post of mine if you are looking for free tickets and diamonds redemption codes. They are updated regularly.


What Is Chapters: Interactive Stories App?

It’s similar to Choices, another interactive story app, but less similar to Episode. Episode consists of animations and many good user stories, but after reading Episode for a long time and running out of stories to read, without having the same plot and genres over and over again, I tried out this app.

I don’t usually choose the diamond choices but story wise, it is still good enough for me to finish reading a few books, for now. Getting diamonds in this app is relatively easy, with daily login, achievements and all but I guess after that, it’s only either spending money or reading all the stories.

You receive one diamond when you complete one chapter of a book.
Users receive one free pass every two hours, with a maximum of two passes. (I am not sure if it is still the same now because I have accumulated too many passes to finish using.)

You will get free passes or diamonds for daily login and when you unlock achievements. You can also get up to five diamonds a day by watching ads.


Daily Passes Tip:

One tip I have for you guys is that, every time you use a pass, the clock starts counting down from two hours, so if you want to use your free login passes (2 passes) and the countdown timer has half an hour left, I would suggest that you wait till the timer finishes and you receive a new pass, use it, and then you can collect your two free passes. This is because once you collect your two free passes and you use one, the timer starts counting down from two hours again, no matter how much time was left initially. If you are just collecting one pass, then this won’t affect the countdown timer.

The reason I am writing this is because there is another option to get diamonds. You will need to put down a friend referral code/ invitation code: 20s3y430


Task Center and Events:

On your main screen, in the new app interface, you will have to click on the present icon at the bottom of your app homepage.


This will bring you to the Task Center and Event page.

The Task Center Page:

This is where you will find your daily tasks for Maple Coins and Consecutive Login Rewards.

Consecutive Login rewards can only be collected once, when you complete 30 Days, 60 Days and 90 Days login. After which, there’s nothing else to collect for that. Hopefully it will change in future. (Mine is currently at 628 days.)



The Event Page:

This is where you can get your daily check-in rewards for the whole month. Try to do so everyday so that you will not miss out on the cumulative rewards, where 30 days give you 4 Free Choices Passes.

You can also find the Lucky Spin (Fortune Wheel), redeem your free diamonds and passes redemption codes, find your personal invitation code here. Viewing ads for diamonds, special promotions for purchases and other ways to earn diamonds etc are also located here.


Monthly Rewards Check-In Tip:

Take note that if you forget to check in for more than one day, you might not be able to receive the Cumulative Days Extra Rewards. In order to receive the 10, 20, 30 days rewards, you might need to spend diamonds.

If you have already missed 2 days, you can spend 5 diamonds to collect the missing day reward to make up for it. However, you can only do so once a day and you always make up for the earliest date that you missed.

For example, you missed 1st and 3rd April, and today is 10th April and you spend 5 diamonds to do an extra check in, you will receive the reward for the check in on 1st April first. Then you won’t be able to spend for checking in for 3rd April till the next day.

Thus, if you have missed a few days of checking in, you will not be able to get the cumulative rewards if you pay the extra 5 diamonds last minute. It will have to be done over a few days.


The Event page is also where you can Enter Friend Invitation Code, similar to the page below (old interface).



You can enter your friend’s or my invitation code: 20s3y430 to earn your reward for signing up.

I don’t have any invitation code to enter for now so whoever reads this and posts their invitation code as a comment below, I will add your code as referral. 😊

And these are what you can receive after entering the invitation code and completing the tasks stated.



On the second tab on top, that is where you can get your own invitation code and also share your codes.

And this is where I share my invitation code. 😉

Chapters Invitation Code: 20s3y430



When you share your invitation code, this is what your friends will receive.

Join Chapters today and enter the friend invitation code ’20s3y430′ to get free diamonds! Chapters is an interactive story platform that brings your favorite stories to life!


Another thing I realised from playing this app is that, the clothes that you purchase or not purchase doesn’t affect the storyline. At least from the clothes that I bought to try out. 😂

Also, usually they will prompt you if the clothes you choose can be worn throughout the story, otherwise it is mostly a one-time thing so I don’t usually waste diamonds on them. If you wear something normal (which equates to bad in the story, and I do most of the time), the worst they do so far is that there will just be a negative comment about your clothing, and that’s it. Most of the time, I find it quite amusing.

For another app called Choices, clothing do affect the storyline. 😅


If you want more tickets or diamonds, follow this Redemption Codes post of mine. I am updating regularly when there are new Chapters Redemption Codes to redeem. Try to redeem them fast as they are usually time limited (for the day) and sometimes, though rarely, quantity limited. 😉


To Note:

  • The option for entering friends codes disappears in about one week so by the time someone commented on my post, I don’t have the option to enter that anymore. 
  • For those who need friends’ codes to enter, feel free to enter my code above (don’t think I can still benefit from it but you can~ 😊) or there are also a number of codes below in the comments left by fellow Chapters readers. Approved them all so you should be able to view them.


  • Many stories from Chapters are actually from ebooks that are already available online so if you are like me, who can’t wait to finish the whole story, you can try looking for them online. Usually the stories in Chapters are a more summarised version of the actual story but there are also some which vary slightly if the diamonds options are selected.
  • For those which I can’t be bothered to read the full version, and it usually means the stories are not interesting enough, I will just read the Chapters summarised version. It’s faster and it helps when the characters are cute. 😅


  • There is also something new which I want to share. Chapters seems to be giving one free book a day pass a day on the weekends or even randomly on weekdays, so try to login everyday to see if the story that you are reading has a free day pass. Noticed that those are mostly older stories which I have long finished, definitely not the still-in-progress-of-updating stories.


  • Use your maple coins to exchange for diamonds or save up your maple coins for spinning wheels (eg. Christmas wheel) where you can get passes, tickets and maple coins. I prefer the latter as there are other ways to get diamonds but less opportunities to receive tickets and I don’t like spending on them.


ps: I really like the story series of Lux, starting with the first book Obsidian. Try that if you are new to this but of course, the actual book is even better. 😊


If you want to share your referral code in my blog’s comments, include this code: “ & reading rocks!” together with your referral code in your comment. If this code is not included, your comments will not be approved and deleted.
This is to help me filter out spam messages, making things easier for me and this space safer for you. This code will be changed from time to time. For a more detailed explanation on why I have to implement this now, refer to this post. 🙂


Have fun reading! 🤓


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