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    Whispers: Interactive Stories Invitation Code: 59612725

    Whispers: Interactive Stories is just as the name says, stories that are interactive so you can choose your own actions and routes according to the given choices. If you are looking for the Whispers friend invitation code, here it is. Whispers Invitation Code: 59612725 Whispers: Interactive Stories Apple Store App Whispers: Interactive Stories Google Play Store App     You will be able to receive 1 Diamond to start you off after entering my invitation code: 59612725 I have to say, they are really stingy with this. πŸ˜… Whispers is just like another stories app Chapters, which many of you are familiar with. Even the layout of the app and…

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    Scripts Romance Episode Invitation Code – Interactive Stories

    I have been seeing ads for this interactive stories app so I downloaded it out of curiosity. This app is called Scripts: Romance Episode Still exploring it and I suspect it will take a while so I thought I will share my invitation code first. Scripts: Romance Episode Invitation Code: It seems like there isn’t a place to enter the invitation code so you should just click on the Scripts Invitation Link.   Also, I am not sure what rewards (if any) you will receive so do share it with me in comments below. Stories: There are many stories with different genres, and one thing different about this app…

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    Tabou Stories: Love Episodes Referral Code: SWZLFQJE

    Sharing another interactive stories app, Tabou Stories: Love Episodes today. Tabou Stories Referral Code: SWZLFQJE Tabou Stories: Love Episodes is an interactive stories app just like Chapters: Interactive Stories, Romance Fate: Story Games and My Fantasy: Choose Your Story. I used this app quite a long time back for awhile only so I will update with details again when I go back to the app. Basically, I stopped because the free keys needed to read the stories (like tickets in other apps) are really hard to get and slow to refill. At least that’s what I remember, and impatient me like to binge read. 😜 Will do more updates in…

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    Romance Fate: Story Games Invitation Code: GYMM55TJM

    Hi guys,   I have been wanting to introduce this app called Romance Fate: Story Games for a long time. First of all, if the Invitation Code is what you are looking for, here you go. Romance Fate: Story Games App Invitation Code: GYMM55TJM   It is a interactive stories app just like Chapters: Interactive Stories, but as previously I got bored of the mediocre storylines and plots in Romance app, and also, it was hard to read one story without spending, with tickets and diamonds being not easy to get, I put off sharing it with you. As I was bored of recent stories on Chapters so I came…

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    Chapters: Interactive Stories Invitation Code 20s3y430

    Chapters: Interactive Stories Invitation Code: 20s3y430 Chapters: An interactive stories platform bringing your favorite stories to life! Copy this friend invitation code ’20s3y430’ and enter it when playing the game to receive in-game rewards!   Recently I started reading on this app called Chapters where you go through a story as the main character and you get to make a choice based on your decision, and of course whether you are willing to spend some diamonds. πŸ˜‚ View another post of mine if you are looking for free tickets and diamonds redemption codes. They are updated regularly.   What Is Chapters: Interactive Stories App? It’s similar to Choices, another interactive…