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Scripts Romance Episode Invitation Code – Interactive Stories

I have been seeing ads for this interactive stories app so I downloaded it out of curiosity.

This app is called Scripts: Romance Episode

Still exploring it and I suspect it will take a while so I thought I will share my invitation code first.

Scripts: Romance Episode Invitation Code:

It seems like there isn’t a place to enter the invitation code so you should just click on the Scripts Invitation Link.


Also, I am not sure what rewards (if any) you will receive so do share it with me in comments below.


There are many stories with different genres, and one thing different about this app is you can choose to show All the Stories, only the Romance Stories or only the LQBTQ+ Stories.

You can make your selection right at the start when you open the app. Then if you want to change it, there are two ways.

1) Homepage Top Left > Click on 3 Lines

2) Profile > Settings > Preference

When you select Romance, LQBTQ+ stories are excluded and vice versa. Therefore, if you want to see all the stories, you have to choose All Book.

Keys, Diamonds, Clovers, Coupons, Passes:

As per all interactive stories app, there are a few similarities.

You use Keys to read stories and Diamonds for choices. Clovers are given when you read a new chapter. Not sure what it’s for yet.

Free diamonds expires in 7 days from date of collection. Diamonds that are bought or received from ads viewing are permanent.

There are also Outfit coupons, Key coupons, Key Pass (read the full story without the need for keys for a day) and discount vouchers for outfits and choices.

When you click on the arrow on the right of your homepage, you can see your Rewards and Newbie Perks counting down.

When you first start this game, you get newbie perks for 2 days so try to make use of it.


You receive a reward every 15 minutes you are online, and the reward varies. Once you collect the reward, it starts counting down again for 15 minutes.

Your app needs to be active (not running in background) in order for the reward timer to continue counting down.

All the rewards will go directly into your Bag. Realised that these rewards only last for 1 day, 24 hours from the time it’s collected.


Under Events, you can find your Login Reward, Newbie Tasks (7 Days), Lucky Roulette and your personal Invitation Link.

To find your Invitation Link, click on

Invite For Rewards > Invite

You will then see your own link like this: which you can copy or share.

You can receive rewards for up to 20 people.

I will continue updating with more stuff after I have fully explored it.

Have fun reading! πŸ€“

Stay safe!


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