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Merry Christmas! Important To Read Before Sharing Your Referral :)

Hi everyone~

Merry Christmas!

This post is different from usual but it is important that you read it, especially if you want to share your referral codes on my site. As many of you know, I have allowed the sharing of your Referral Codes for various games in my comments for the past years.

As the comments grow, the number of spam comments and messages shot up massively. This might be due to some of the fake names and emails that some readers have left behind.

I am using up my hosting resources when I approve your comments and let you leave your referral codes on my site, which I am paying for, so please do at least have the courtesy to NOT USE any randomly made up email addresses and names, that will trigger or add on to the spam.


Never mentioned this before, but I shall point it out here.

The email address that you share in my comments section is safe! They cannot be seen by other users or readers. Also, I do not and will not sell your email addresses away. The need for your email address is mainly for you to receive replies when you comment.

Unless you subscribe to my blog through wordpress or sign up with your email address, you will not receive blog updates from me too.

Though I do have anti-spam software implemented, sometimes due to the “weird” email addresses or names used, real comments are also classified as spam. This in turn, wastes my time to try and filter those real comments out.

I deleted a lot of comments and my spam comments and spam feedback form responses drop but there are still a lot daily. πŸ™

Therefore, now I have no choice but to remove mostΒ past referral comments on my website. Apologies to all my real readers/ players out there, whose referral codes are removed. πŸ™
Feel free to leave them again! However, before you leave a comment with your referral code in the various games referral posts in future, there is a “code” in that post which you will need to state and include when you comment.

Only when I see that “valid code” in your comment, will I approve your referral code. Don’t worry, that “code” will be deleted before I approve it.

This will assist to filter out those fake users and commenters.

The “valid codes” will be changed time to time, when I feel like it. πŸ˜‰


Reducing the amount of spam comments here not only makes it easier for me, but also safer for you! Thus, I will appreciate if you can please help to not contribute to them. πŸ™‚

I will assure you again that your email address is safe but if you are still worried about leaving a real email address, I would suggest for you to leave an email alias instead. You can get your alternate email (email alias) from most major email providers. Even icloud has one. πŸ™‚

I guess this is all for now.


Happy reading, playing, buying, and whatever you are into.

Merry Christmas!

Happy New Year in advance in case I am too busy to post. Enjoy your year end celebration! I am looking forward to mine. XD


Oh! and stay safe!


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