One Piece Dance Battle

One Piece Dance Battle – New Game!

Trying to use the WordPress app on my iPhone to post this so as to see if I can share my pics easily~

I wouldn’t be posting as much for this new One Piece game as I am playing but not that often too. Also, as it is a dance battle game, it is not as easy to screen capture certain scenes.

This is the kind of dance games that used to be very popular in arcades and I am guessing that guys would love to play this game~ XD

anyway, this is what it looks like:

You can download or take a look at this link:
「ダンス王に!おれはなる!!」ワンピース×ダンスバトル 今なら招待コード入力で「500ベリー」貰える!
ID:oq3aWXjX #ワンピースダンスバトル

The id above is my id which you can add me at.

Just to note that you will need to change the store to Japan Apple Store to download the game. ( Just like One Piece Treasure Cruise)

Everyday when you log in, you will be able to get a freebie.

And after you log in, go to the third tab (from the right) below the page and then tap on the top right tab.
After that, tap on the left side which shows 1 free. You are entitled to 1 free character per day.



This is the new character I got today:

The below shows how I get the “premium” characters using gold coins~



As for how you get your ID, go to the second tab (from the left) at the bottom of page, then click on the third tab.


On the page, you can see four tabs. Click on the last tab (purple colour) and that is where you can find your ID.


In my case, my ID is oq3aWXjX
The tab on the right side of your ID allows you to copy your ID.

At the bottom, you can either share your ID through Twitter, line or email.

That’s all folks~ XD

feel free to ask if you have any questions, will try my best to answer with my limited knowledge of Japanese~ 😛

(To be continued…)

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