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Lendlease Plus Referral Code: VSN3Pj – $10 eVouchers 2023

Today, I am sharing the:

Lendlease Plus Referral Code: VSN3Pj

If you don’t have the app yet, you can receive $10 e-Voucher (20,000 Plus$) just by signing up using my referral code.

Sign up with Apple Store or Google Play App.


Nov-Dec 2023 Lendlease Plus Member Referral Promotion:

This is a current referral promotion from 16 November till 31 December 2023.

Lendlease Plus Referral Code: VSN3Pj


Besides the Christmas promotions that gift free vouchers and Lego, this is another promo worth taking note.

You will receive $50 Lendlease E-Voucher when you get upgraded from Basic membership tier to Premium membership tier or extend your existing Premium Tier by another year within this promotion period.

Thus, if you are still considering, do sign up soon as there are also quite a number of promotions to earn more Plus$ during this period. Check out the app for specific promotions for each mall.

Plus$ can be accumulated to exchange for Lendlease vouchers. You will need at least 10,000Plus$ to exchange for a $5 Lendlease voucher. There are many promotions to get more Plus$ throughout the year, including double the amount on your birthday. πŸ˜‰


What is Lendlease Plus?

Lendlease Plus app is a rewards/ loyalty app for earning rewards when you shop at Lendlease Malls, namely JEM, PLQ, Parkway Parade and 313@somerset.

Before their revamp, I wasn’t a big fan of their app as I don’t often visit enough to spend at the 4 malls, as the minimum spending was $20 to upload the receipts for rewards, and the rewards $ often expire too soon to accumulate and redeem.


Earn Rewards:

After the revamp of their rewards programme, the minimum spending now is $10, which makes it more feasible and slightly easier to earn Lendlease Plus$.

For every $1 spent = 10 Lendlease Plus$

(2 Lendlease Plus$ for supermarket purchases)

You need at least 10,000 Lendlease Plus$ to exchange for a $5 Lendlease voucher.

It’s still not easy as you have to spend 1k just for a $5 voucher.


Birthday Benefits:

However, during your birthday month, you receive double points for your first purchase.

And also luckily, they now also have promotions frequently to give you certain bonus points with spendings and even if you do not know about the ongoing promotions, the bonus points are automatically given when you upload your receipts.

And the best thing is that receipts can be accepted so long it’s submitted within 7 days. Yeah sometimes I forget to submit too if I don’t do so immediately. πŸ˜‚


Lendlease Rewards Points Expiry:

As for the expiry of the Lendlease Plus$ earned, when you tap on your Plus$, you can see your total, as well as tap to see the expiry breakdown.

The Plus$ that are earned in the calendar year, will expire on 31 Dec of that year. This means that everything earned in 2022 will expire on 31 Dec 2022.

However, they also stated in their FAQs that 6 months grace period till 30 June the following year will be given to members to convert their Plus$ into rewards.


There are also two different membership tiers, basic member and premium member. The difference is the double Lendlease Plus$ earned with every dollar spent and the double cap daily.

To be a premium member, you need to spend $8000 within 12 months and the membership will expire if the spendings are not hit. For basic member, it doesn’t expire.


Therefore if you are interested to get a free $5 Lendlease E-voucher to start off, use my Lendlease referral code: VSN3Pj when signing up.

This is also what your friends/ family will receive when you send your referral to them:

Download the app and use my referral code ‘VSN3Pj’ when signing up.

How To Redeem Points?

Oh! To redeem your e-vouchers, you just need to click on My QR on your app homepage and let the merchants scan during payment, and you can then tell them what vouchers you want to redeem (if you have more than one voucher).

Let me know if you need a walkthrough on that. 😊


Take care still, meanwhile~ 😷

I still hate wearing masks. 😜

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