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Pokemon Go – Add New Friends (Make New Friends)


[For the new game, Harry Potter Wizards Unite friend codes for adding new friends, go here: HP Wizards Unite New Friends

Please do comment with your usernames and friend codes so that I can add you to the list.]


I am wondering why I received lots of friends requests and am still receiving, but my friends only managed to get a few requests so I am making a direct Add New Friends post here.

Therefore, future friends lists will be added and updated here, instead of in the very first post.


Add New Friends:

Comment with your trainer name and trainer code if you want me to add you here. 😊

My trainer code: 8593 9195 9498

lynn5953: 7416 4899 2110

imtcy: 9477 2256 5422

LizzyCraft: 0182 3832 9317

Vendange61: 7796 9107 1171

Starflea74: 5337 9904 6151

Tamatha22: 3869 1683 0047

iennemie: 1536 8045 8848




If you want more eggs and gifts, be it to receive more items or to get eggs from another country, it would be best if you do leave your trainer name and trainer code here in the comments so that I can add you to the list above.

There are only so many gifts I can collect every time I login and I already have over 80 friends now 😅 so you might/ might not receive one from me. 😬

Just like how I just spinned the pokestop twice and did not receive a single gift to give so nothing I can give out today. 🤨

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