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One Piece Treasure Cruise ~ 24 (Special Event – Twitter tie-in Part 2)

This is a continuation from the previous post on the One Piece Treasure Cruise special event with Twitter where you can get special rewards and a limited edition Chopper character by allowing/ authorising One Piece Treasure Cruise app to use your twitter account. 

Part 1 shows you the walk through on how to allow authorisation, get your Chopper character code and get your rewards. 

Refer to the previous post here: Special Event – Twitter tie-in Part 1


This event runs from 26th August (5pm) till 10th September (1159am) and it’s a really good event because of the rewards so be sure to do it!

Note: It’s in Japan time~ 


The link to get your rewards and to allow authorisation:


For part 2, I am going to share the rest of the new rewards I have encountered and also, the walkthrough of how to use your codes to receive your Chopper character and the rewards. 

With reference to the Chopper code mentioned in Part 1, and as shown in the picture below, keep that code in mind, then open up your game (One Piece Treasure Cruise app).


Go to the last tab at the bottom of your page and scroll down till you see what is listed on the first tab in the below picture. Tap on it.


It will open up to show a blank space. This is where you key in your Chopper code.

Key in the numbers then press OK.


You will receive a pop-up that says you got it.


Go to your inbox and it will be there.


Open the message and it will tell you that you received a Chopper card.

Go to your inventory (where your existing cards are) and you can find your new Chopper card there.


The new Chopper card:


Rarity : four stars

Special skill : Recover strength of 1224 (I like how they wrote ‘very cute’ at the end. XD) 


The code only works once so even if you re-enter it, you can’t get another.

Instead, you will receive an error.


Back to the rewards, I was getting kind of bored and tired of receiving the same rewards over and over again for a few days and I thought the below (2nd prize) seems to be the highest I could go. (And I did think of giving up~ =X)

2nd prize: 3 grandfather/ ancient turtles of different colours – total 15 ancient turtles


Then, to my surprise, this suddenly popped up! XD


Luckily I wasn’t pressing too fast and that the box that appeared wasn’t the usual wooden box, but a box covered with jewels instead. If not, I could have missed it. 

This is the best prize, even better than the first prize! 😀

Special prize : 20 gems


Once you get this, DON’T press the button on the right side

Press the button on the LEFT SIDE to get the reward.


You will receive a confirmation to ask if you are certain you want it. 

If you want it, press the button on the LEFT.

If not, press the button on the right.


After that, you will get the page where your reward code is. 

Take note of your reward code. 


Go back to your game/ app and as per where you key in your Chopper code (refer to above), you key in your reward code and press OK.


You will receive a pop-up notice.

Same thing, go to your inbox and your reward will be there.


For gems, once you click on your message, it will be credited immediately to your account. See how my number of gems increased from 57 (above pic) to 77 (below pic).


After you have received both your Chopper and reward codes, even when you go back to the website, you can’t redo it.


I haven’t tried it before but I believe that if you want to tie in with another twitter account, you will need another One Piece Treasure Cruise account too. In any case, one One Piece account can only receive the rewards once.

You can keep trying your luck till the end of the campaign but remember to collect it before it ends!

Good luck in getting the Special reward! XD


(To be continued…)

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