• One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!!

    New Game – One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!! ~ 01

    Introduced the game previously and shared my friend id: 132259576 to this match-3 puzzle game by Bandai of the anime/ manga One Piece. To know more about adding friends, read my previous post: One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!! – Add Friends This game is also like a battle card game because you get bon bons, and the characters you use have different stats like attack, recovery and hp, varying skills, trait effects and team link effects. I am going to share my journey here while occasionally giving some tips of my own if I can. πŸ˜‰ This game is easy to understand as the tutorial covers everything relatively well while…

  • One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!!

    Let’s Play One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!! – Add New Friends

    Morning! β˜€οΈ New game time! 😍 Another One Piece game. One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!! This is a new game I discovered a few weeks ago. I knew there was a Japanese version but had no idea the English version was out. It was actually out last year! So I have no idea how far behind I am but because I advanced too fast the first day I started playing, I had to deliberately slow down as there were too much screen grabs. πŸ˜… And also because the introduction starts together with the tutorial, I was wondering how I should share it. However, decided that I should just whack it…

  • Toys Mania^*

    Hamburger (NBC 217) Nanoblock~

    Hamburger (NBC 217) Nanoblock~ These are the contents. 120 pcs Difficulty Level : 2 Burger time! πŸ” The hamburger nanoblock from different views. Front view: Top View: Side View: All sides look the same as the front view so this is just slightly tilted to the side.

  • Toys Mania^*

    Santa Claus On The Bicycle (NBC 126) Nanoblock~

    Santa Claus On The Bicycle (NBC 126) Nanoblock~ I built this a long time back but couldn’t get around in posting it here. Since I really had to clear my phone and rid it of the tons of photos, before I do an update in ios, thought I could post most of the lego builds up (hopefully all!). However, this is the only nanoblock I am posting because I forgot to take photos of the rest! 🀣 This is the packaging. It is a (modern day?) Santa Claus riding on a bicycle. Doubt he could carry that many gifts since they are scattered all around and he doesn’t have his…

  • ζ—…γ‹γˆγ‚‹ (Journey Frog/ Travel Frog)

    ζ—…γ‹γˆγ‚‹ Travel Frog/ Journey Frog – Photo Collection (All) – Page 1

    ζ—…γ‹γˆγ‚‹ Travel Frog/ Journey Frog – Photo Collection (All) – Page 1 6th March 2018 ヒンスター Travel Blogs Total: 30 Photos (Page 1) A collection of all the photos to date (6th March 2018) because as of now, you can only save 60 photos (10 pages) in total in your frog’s photo album. No duplicates saved here for now but there will be duplicates in the future because it’s too tedious to compare and I will keep getting same/ similar photos. However, I will do other posts with purely the same types/ series of so it’s easier for me and you to see what I got and what can be…

  • ζ—…γ‹γˆγ‚‹ (Journey Frog/ Travel Frog)

    New Game! ζ—…γ‹γˆγ‚‹ (γŸγ³γ‹γˆγ‚‹) Travel Frog/ Journey Frog

    Been a long time since I updated this blog, and even longer since I updated with new games that I am playing. This is a new Japanese game that I started playing in early February, 2nd of Feb to be exact. It is known in Japanese as ζ—…γ‹γˆγ‚‹ (tabikaeru), which literally translated means Travel Frog/ Journey Frog. In Chinese, it’s called ζ—…θ‘Œι’θ›™. Apparently, it was already very “hot” in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China but I only came to know about it because of a band that I like. Mayday from Taiwan. I attended their concert in Macau and during the concert on 28th January, I was told by a…

  • It's My Life~,  One Piece

    Cobwebs-A-Clearing~ XD

    😘 Hello there~~~ πŸ•Έ *coughs coughs* πŸ•Έ πŸ•· Just made my way through the cobwebs that were formed since almost 2 years back… πŸ˜‚ since my last post was in Jan 2016! 😱 Other than pushing it all to being busy and occupied with daily life, I admit I forgot about this and was way too lazy to come to the “desktop/ mobile” site to use it, when my wordpress app kept crashing… (shrugs) no idea why~ It’s nearly the end of 2017 now and looking back, I don’t even remember what I have done the whole year through and it’s already the last month of the year! 😰 Kinda…

  • One Piece Treasure Cruise

    One Piece Treasure Cruise ~ 31 (Rewards Collection)

    There is now a change in the place you collect your rewards from.Β  It used to be from inside the app, but now you go to this link:Β http://news.onepiece-tc.jp/serial_campaignsΒ to collect your rewards. On the first blank, key in your id (found on the top left of the screen when u try to login). On the second blank, key in the rewards code.   The rewards will be sent directly to your inbox as per usual. (To be continued…)