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Garfield Run Singapore 2014 (race pack)

Later on this evening, I will be going for the first ever Garfield run in Singapore. Never did I think that would happen because Garfield doesn’t run! 

My exact reaction when a friend told me about this run was, “When does Garfield ever run?” XD

This was explained by the organizers in the website:

Garfield may not be a big fan of exercise — he prefers lie-downs to sit-ups — but the cartoon cat knows the importance of being physically fit — for everyone else, of course!

And while the famously lazy cat doesn’t like to break a sweat, he has been known to race to the refrigerator during a midnight snack attack.

You can show Garfield the benefits of regular exercise and join in the fun at the Garfield Run!

That said, I still joined it because I have always love Garfield! He is fat, lazy, loves to eat, loves to sleep, bullies Odie and Jon, loves to eat, has a big ego, loves to eat, hates to exercise, loves to eat, loves himself, hates Mondays and oh, did I mention loves to eat? XD

Anyway, I was quite excited about this run because:

The first Garfield Run in Singapore will be held on 19 July 2014 at The Promontory @ Marina Bay. Participate in the various categories together with the characters from Jim Davis’ comic strip Garfield, and enjoy a post-race party after the event!

However, I was disappointed when I got the race pack/ goodie bag~ 

First of all, there really wasn’t much in it. 

1. Race bib

– different designs from different categories, couple designs are quite cute but only if I get the Garfield portion. XP

2. 2 sponsors coupons 

– which are really not of that much use for me who doesn’t have a car, and have no intention of getting earphones anytime soon. 

3. Race booklet 

– which can be seen here:

4. Garfield race tee

– which is the cutest because of the prints front and back, but the colour would have been nicer if it was closer to orange (Garfield’s colour)

Front: the colour is lighter and more yellowish than shown below

Back: this is closer to actual colour

5. After run party ticket

All this comes in a Garfield drawstring bag:

The missing item was the Garfield plush that I was looking forward to. It’s supposed to be a limited edition Garfield run plush. 

This is just for illustration purposes, as written on website:

I hope it won’t disappoint! (Prettier than the illustration I hope!)

During the picking up of race packs, we were told that the plushies will be given out on the race day itself, which is today but received a text and notice few days ago informing us that the plushies would be delayed till next week.


A Garfield run notebook will be given because of this delay. (Actually I would prefer free courier instead of travelling all the way again just to collect the plush~) 

As much as all these dampen my mood, I still have the cute Garfield medal to look forward to getting this evening! 

These are the finisher medals for all the different categories:

Looking forward to see the Garfields-filled venue, the Garfield stage performance and carnival games tonight! 

Totally ignoring the fact that it’s a run because ‘Garfield doesn’t run’! Oh~ And also because I can’t run since I sprained my leg and it has yet to fully recover~ (what a wonderful excuse I have~)

Though it has already been sold out since quite some time back, this is the website if you are interested:

Will blog about tonight if it’s fun/ interesting enough~ XD

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