It's My Life~

It's My Life

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    Milieu Proof Of Payment – Singapore Surveys App

    My Milieu referral code: wW8eT1K When you sign up with my code and complete 7 surveys, you will receive 500 points. I will also receive 500 points. 500 points is equivalent to SGD$0.50 I have cashed out once and below is the proof of payment as well as the duration to receive it. Milieu Surveys App Proof Of Payment: I made a withdrawal of $20 via PayNow with 18500 points on 31 July, and received an email saying that I will receive it within 10 Working Days (excluding weekends and PH). I received the payment in my bank account on 4 August. Thus, it took 4 working days to reach me. 😊…

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    Baby Zebra Doves Hatching On My Window Sill XD

    I was actually lucky 🍀 enough to catch the hatching of the baby birdies this morning! 😍 Day 17: The babies hatched under her when I was trying to set up time-lapse with my old phone while talking to her to keep her calm, and she moved to reveal the baby hatching, with some shells still attached. 🐣❤️ This photo of the baby zebra dove with the mum was taken right after the mummy dove dragged him/ her out of the shell while feeding. 😂 Call me imaginative but the baby looks like he’s pouting. 😜 It’s Day 17 from their first landing, but I assumed it’s Day 12 from…

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    Zebra Doves’ Nest On My Window Sill

    This little birdy built a nest on my window sill in a few hours yesterday morning, laid one egg yesterday, and another egg today. 🫢   So… I have a pet now. 😅 1st egg laid on 26 September 2022.   2nd egg laid today, 27 September 2022. Happy birthday 華仔~ ❤️🥚🥚😂🪺🐣

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    Has 2022 been good to you so far?

    Hey guys, It has been awhile since I last wrote to you. It’s almost the end of April, which means after May, half of 2022 is going to be gone soon. Frankly, I have not been as efficient as I had wanted to be, because there are so many things that I want to do and accomplish but time is really limited. What about you? Hope that life is good to you. 🙂 Recently, I have also picked up a few new skills, as well as I guess you can say interests. I have always been a multitasker, which means I cannot just do one thing at a time. Except…

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    Happy Diwali/ Deepavali!

    Hey guys! Happy Diwali! 🪔 Or as we call it in Singapore, Happy Deepavali! I am just simply glad that it’s a PH and for me, a long weekend! 🥳 Have been so busy these past two months and not doing much updates, when in fact, I do have a lot to update. The number of screengrabs in my phone is growing and growing. Just glad that I listened to my internal lazy self and got the biggest amount of storage when purchasing my phone last year. 😅 Also, I received a few messages asking me about some referral codes, which of course I have yet to share, but I…

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    Happy 11th Anniversary ~rachelism~! XD

    Oh cool! I was just notified that I first registered my blog ~rachelism~ on today, 11 years ago. 😍 Time really flies and I had no idea my blog was registered on 7 October 2010. I mean maybe I did know along the way but apparently I didn’t store it in my memory. 😂 It’s almost reaching a year since I moved it to a self hosted site. Hopefully, ~rachelism~ will be here to stay, and prosper. That means enough traffic to keep my hosting going without forking out moolah. 😜 Thanks for following and supporting my writings (and mumbling) all these years! 🥰 Thanks for all who stopped…