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Has 2022 been good to you so far?

Hey guys,

It has been awhile since I last wrote to you. It’s almost the end of April, which means after May, half of 2022 is going to be gone soon. Frankly, I have not been as efficient as I had wanted to be, because there are so many things that I want to do and accomplish but time is really limited.

What about you? Hope that life is good to you. πŸ™‚

Recently, I have also picked up a few new skills, as well as I guess you can say interests. I have always been a multitasker, which means I cannot just do one thing at a time. Except for maybe reading but even so, there has to be some sort of background music while I read. Therefore, as I was playing some games and reading on apps recently, it got me thinking that, instead of sitting through those in-game ads and getting the few diamonds, there are actually apps out there which pay you to watch them. Why don’t I get those apps and actually earn a bit of game money instead?

I did just that and there are so many GPT (Get-paid-to) websites out there, I have to do my due diligence to research and read reviews before attempting some of them and sharing with all of you. I have also been reading up on cryptocurrency and NFTs which is how I came across some of the apps.

Up till now, there are some which might be good for others, but has not proven to be good for me.

An example will be a GPT site that you can withdraw cryptocurrency, which at first I thought was quite good because it was not hard to earn rewards by doing surveys, clicking on ads etc, and I was intending to recommend it to all of you.
However, a few days after I have signed up, my account got restricted. Restricted as in most of the previously available methods to earn rewards were all disabled. Other than being very active, I literally complied with all their rules. (Yeah, I did read them.) Thus, I contacted their customer service and was given a generic reply that new members need to earn a certain amount of good history before other ways of earning are available. After that, even though I replied to them, they just marked the case as resolved without further replies. Their support system definitely did not impress me. Before that I actually reached out to them with regards to a reward that was completed but I did not receive and all I got was a generic reply to contact the offer walls. I did and the offer wall confirmed that I got the reward, but the support team ignored my ticket and marked it as solved, without solving it, even when I showed them the screenshot of the offer wall’s reply.

I have not decided yet if I should try to make a withdrawal since my account is kind of “restricted” though nothing was stated, but it could mean that my withdrawal won’t go through, or I should just continue trying out the one earning method that’s available and see where it goes. However, until the restrictions are lifted or when I managed to make a withdrawal, I wouldn’t recommend it to you guys yet. :X

On the other hand, I am quite impressed with one GPT site and I am in the midst of writing the review for that, which i will definitely recommend to you if you want to earn cash through doing surveys, watching videos etc, because within 5 days of not spending much time on it, I made my first withdrawal of USD$15. However, there is still one downside to the site, which I am hoping to resolve or find out first from them, before sharing.

It seems that even though the world is opening up, there are still some companies and games that are closing, and I am referring to the recent closure of One Piece Bon Bon Journey and also the shutting down of Mr Love: Dream Date. πŸ™

I hope that everything is ok for you, wherever you are.
Even though I am busy with life, work, learning new things and my interests, I will still try to update and share new and good stuff with you here.

My next updates will probably be on a walkthrough to get your diamonds transferred to Mr Love: Queen’s Choice and also sharing some of the GPT sites which I have tried.

Concerts are starting to come back one by one, but I am really dreading the buying of the tickets. Luckily for me, the concert that I am looking forward to is one that tickets were bought two years ago. πŸ˜€ There is another concert I am waiting for, since Orianthi replied to me on twitter that she will be coming over soon. Are you looking forward to any?


Meanwhile, take care! Enjoy the freedom and the new normal.
Be safe! πŸ™‚




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