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Starbucks Rewards Referral Code: ECRSNF – 1 for 1 Drink Singapore

Starbucks has a new Rewards referral campaign for August to September 2022.

You can receive a 1 for 1 drink treat, after signing up with my referral code: ECRSNF and making your first $5 spend.

Sign up using my Starbucks referral code: ECRSNF
through the sign up link below:


Upon completing your registration, you will receive a virtual Starbucks Card that can be used to make payment in Starbucks Singapore stores when you log in via the mobile app. The app is available on both Google and Apple stores.

You will then just need to top up the card/ your account to make payment through the card. You can top up your card directly through the app or at the Starbucks stores.

I will also receive a free drink if you sign up with my referral code. You will receive the same reward if you refer your friends and family during this period, up to 3 free drinks.

This campaign starts on 15 August 2022 and ends on 15 September 2022 so when you sign up, remember to key in my Starbucks referral code: ECRSNF.

Also, once you have signed up, make sure that you make your first $5 purchase before the deadline so that you can receive your free drink treat.

Enjoy! ☕️ 🍰

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