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It’s a flop!

I am not a very hardworking person when it comes to updating my blog, especially when there are other things in life occupying my time. Also, I have various (lots!) of social media sites which I update, though less often now.

Since today is the last day of 2015, I shall try to post/ update at least 3 (already planned) posts (including this) before 2016.

It is even harder for me do something which I said I want to do but totally forgot about as the days go by…

Until one fine day when I came back here and saw a comment by a reader, did I remember that I have yet to try it out. :X

This is none other than the flourless banana pancake picture which I shared last year. I thought if it really works, it would be quite cool and healthier too.

This was what I posted previously: Flourless banana pancake 9gag

So I finally got down to trying it out and as you can tell by the title, it’s a flop!

First of all the ingredients:

1 banana and 2 eggs

Beat the eggs and mash the banana together with the eggs and this is what you get.

Then, it’s what we have been waiting for, the cooking.

At first, I tried it without oil and though I knew it would burn, I still had to try it and it burnt! The moment the mixture touched the pan, it sizzled and burnt.

Since I had already expected that, I only put a little so it wasn’t that bad.
Next, I put oil, heat it up and poured the mixture in. Waited awhile and it didn’t seem to cook but the bottom was already slightly burnt so I had to mix it.

Thus, this was what I got. Scrambled banana eggs!

The slightly burnt parts can been seen too. Far from the pancakes pictures that was shared.

I actually tried it after it was cooked.

Tastes like very sweet eggs, not much of the banana taste actually.
We really should take what we see online with a pinch of salt and yummy stuff like pancakes have to come with carbs and calories. πŸ˜›

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