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Flourless banana pancake! Tried it before? (Recipe)

First of all, I am trying out this wordpress app that I downloaded. Just trying to see if I like this app better or still prefer “posts” and also the differences between them both.

1 banana + 2 eggs~ have you tried mixing them together before?

I came across this post by 9gag on making pancakes with just one banana and two eggs!


It sounds healthy in the sense that no flour was used but it also seems weird to me because putting eggs and bananas together, wouldn’t that become a banana omelette??

The best way to know would be to try it out and I would certainly do so because I love both bananas and eggs! XP

Only problem being is ‘one banana and two eggs’ considered one serving?
If I want to make more pancakes, do I have to use two bananas and four eggs? Anyone knows?
If not, I would have to test it out.

I wonder how the banana pancakes would taste like~ XD


  • hurin

    Ok, i’ve got to admit i tried this one too with a cousin of mine, and, how could i put it,…
    I went not only wrong, it want awfully wrong >__<
    To speak truthfully it was a disaster, i guess now i can feel a bit of what obi wan felt when alderran was destroyed.

    So, it would be really nice of you if you could give us more information about how you did those fluffy pancakes, cause ours were half burnt, and it just tasted somehow as a bananna omelette, wich isn't that nice.

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