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Trust Bank Referral Code: NXEGUJH4 – $35 Free FairPrice Vouchers

Sign up with my Trust Bank Referral Code: NXEGUJH4 to get a total of $35 FairPrice E-Vouchers, and earn up to 3% Daily Interest Rate when you save with Trust Bank.

Get a $10 FairPrice E-Voucher (NTUC supermarket) immediately in your Trust account, upon signing up and receive an extra $25 Voucher after your first spending. Valid only for first time sign ups (new customers) with Trust Bank Singapore.

Google Play Store – Trust Bank

Apple App Store – Trust Bank

This free $10 FairPrice Voucher referral promotion has been extended till 29 February 2024, so do sign up soon. πŸ™‚

Trust Bank Referral Code: NXEGUJH4



Once you have signed up, $10 FairPrice E-Voucher will be credited into your Trust bank account. After that, all you need to do is to have one transaction, and you will be able receive an additional $25 FairPrice E-Voucher in your Trust Bank account.
Read on or simply find out – How to receive $25 Vouchers without spending


The free $35 FairPrice E-vouchers can be used online (FairPrice website) and offline (in the stores) and they are usually valid for about 2 months, so remember to check your coupon to make sure of the expiry dates.

You can click on Redeem on the coupon to view the expiry date. Don’t worry, it won’t be used yet when you click on Redeem.

**DO NOT “mark as redeemed” if you have NOT used it.
Once marked, you cannot use it anymore (QR code etc will be gone).


On top of these perks for signing up for a Trust Bank account, you can also enjoy up to 3% interest rate for your savings and earn enhanced linkpoints while spending in FairPrice and selected stores.

Earn up to 3.0% p.a. interest rate on your deposit balance up to S$500K, starting December 2023!

Get a bonus rate of 0.5% if you maintain an Average Daily Balance of $100K to qualify.

If you are not saving as much here, Trust Bank Savings Account is still giving a high daily interest rate of up to 2.5% starting from 1 November 2022. πŸ’°


Here are some parts you can jump to read if you are looking for specific guides. If not, then read on. πŸ™‚

Guide To Sign Up For Trust Bank Savings Account and Debit Card/ Credit Card

Where To Find My Free $10 and $25 (Total $35) FairPrice E-Vouchers

How To Get $25 Trust Bank Vouchers

How To Deposit Money Into Trust Bank App

How To Receive $25 Vouchers Without Spending? How To Get Trust FairPrice (NTUC) E-Vouchers?

How To Redeem Trust FairPrice (NTUC) E-Vouchers?

How To Calculate Trust Bank’s High Interest Rate 2.5%?


What Is Trust Bank Singapore (Trust Bank SG App)?

Trust is a digital only bank, which means there aren’t any physical branches that you can go to. However, you don’t have to worry about the trustworthiness as it is backed by a unique partnership between Standard Chartered Bank and the FairPrice Group. It is also because of these two big names that I feel that Trust Bank can be trusted.

Moreover, Trust is regulated and supervised by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Therefore, SGD deposits in your Savings Account are protected under the Deposit Insurance Scheme managed by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC) for up to SGD$75,000.

Anyway, if all you wanted are the free $35 FairPrice E-Vouchers, you really just have to sign up for a new savings account with Trust app using my Trust Bank Referral Code: NXEGUJH4 and without actually spending, you can still receive $35 FairPrice E-Vouchers. I will provide a step by step guide below to show you.

You NEED to key in my referral code before you sign up, because after signing up, you will no longer be able to do so.

Trust Referral Code: NXEGUJH4


How Do You Get 3% Interest From Trust Bank Savings?

  • Deposit money into your Savings Account – Base Interest 1.5%
  • Have 5 transactions that month (transactions must turn confirmed)
    – Non-NTUC Members: 1% more interest
    – NTUC Members: 1.5% more
  • If your deposit in your savings account is less than $100K, you only earn the above 2% – 2.5%
  • If you have at least $100K in your savings account (Average Daily Balance), you earn a bonus rate of 0.5% more

Guide To Sign Up For Trust Bank Savings Account and Debit Card/ Credit Card:

1. Download the Trust Bank App from Google Play store or Apple app store.

2. Open the app and Choose a language: English or Chinese

3. Click on Use Referral Code on the bottom left. Key in my Trust Referral Code: NXEGUJH4

You need to key in my referral code here to receive the $10 FairPrice E-Voucher. If you accidentally clicked on Get Started instead, just close the app and restart the steps from step 1.

4. After you have submitted my referral code, you will get a page informing you that your $10 FairPrice voucher is waiting. Click on Let’s Do It.

5. Here, on the top tabs, you have the choice to apply for

a) Credit Card

b) Savings Account and Debit Card

Do note that if you want a credit card now, you should apply for a credit card first and then apply for the savings account.

If you apply for a Savings Account directly here, you will not be able to apply for a credit card until they make it available.

– For Trust credit card, you get to choose your own preferred Repayment Date for your bills. After you have applied for the credit card, you should apply for the Savings Account by going to: Money > More for you > Apply Now (Savings account right at the top of page)

– Late payment fees for credit card bills is $100 (It’s really high so try not to pay late. πŸ˜…)

I am proceeding with the Savings Account application here.

6. It will inform you again that to get both the credit card and savings account, you should apply for the card first. You can either choose to go back to change your choice or click on Proceed if you just want a savings account.

7. You are informed that your Physical Trust Bank card will only be delivered after 6 weeks. Click on Proceed.

8. Click on Continue with Myinfo to proceed. You will be required to sign in with your SingPass account and authorise Trust with your information. Allow notifications (safer!).

9. You will see your card, and you can choose the sequence of your name (according to your IC) on your bank card.

10. Set up a 6 Digits Passcode. This is to login to your app.

11. Congrats! You are registered and your $10 FairPrice voucher is credited. πŸ₯³


Where To Find My Trust Bank Referral Code?

You can also refer your friends and family to sign up and earn extra $10 vouchers after you have signed up.

To locate your own referral code, click on:

Your Profile Icon (top right) > Invite Friends


Money tab > More for you


Where To Find My Free $10 and $25 (Total $35) FairPrice E-Vouchers?

Frankly I do not really like the interface, as I think it’s too messy and it took me a while to find my E-voucher, so here is how to locate yours. 😜

1. Once you login to your app, click on the arrow beside Rewards. This will open up your Rewards tab, where your LinkPoints, Coupons and Stamp Cards are.

2. Click on the Coupons tab.

3. Locate Saved Coupons which is under Featured, and click on it.

4. Scroll all the way to the bottom and tada~ your $10 FairPrice E-Voucher is here.

This is also how and where you can find your $25 E-Voucher after the next steps or your first transaction are done.


How To Get $25 Trust Bank Voucher?

In order to get the $25 FairPrice voucher, you need to make one transaction with your Trust Card (credit or debit).

If you are planning to make purchases with your debit/ credit card, you will receive the $25 E-Voucher after you do so.

Remember that you will need to top up your Trust bank account if you are using the Trust Debit card. If you are using the Credit card, then you can just go ahead with your transaction.

If you are not planning to spend with your debit card, here is a step by step Guide On How To Get $25 Trust FairPrice Voucher without spending.


How To Deposit Money Into Trust Bank?

Guide To Get $25 Trust Vouchers Without Spending

To receive the $25 FairPrice vouchers without spending, you need to Top up your Trust account and have a Grab account.

Here are the detailed steps to collect your free $25 vouchers:

  1. You need to Top Up your Trust Bank Account with at least $1. Click on the Arrow beside Money, which opens up the Money tab.
  2. Click on Add Money. There are two ways to top up, by
    a) Bank Transfer
    b) PayNow
  3. Unless you do not currently have a linked PayNow bank account, I would suggest using method a) Bank Transfer, which is less troublesome.
    Take note of your Trust Bank Account number on this page and log into another bank app to make a transfer of at least $1 to this Trust Bank account.
  4. Once the transfer is done, go back to the Money page in your Trust app. Click on View and Manage Card (under the card spends).
    Tap on your card itself to view the details and card number of your Trust Debit Card.
  5. Open up your Grab app. Click on your Balance on homepage into the GrabFin page.
  6. On the Top Right, click on Settings. Click on All Payment Methods and then Cards to key in your Trust Debit Card number and details.
  7. Click on Save in the Grab app. $1 will be deducted immediately from your Trust account and credited back (shown as cancelled).

Congrats! Your $25 FairPrice E-voucher is credited!

Check under Rewards > Coupons > Saved Coupons on your app. 😊


Even though I still had transactions after that, I tested the above myself right after signing up. I tried with Shopee too but it did not work as Shopee deducts $0 so it’s not considered a valid transaction.

Interested to sign up and get free Trust FairPrice Vouchers? Get an extra $10 FairPrice Voucher by signing up with my referral.

Trust Bank Referral Code: NXEGUJH4


This is what your family and friends will receive when you send them an invitation to sign up.

Hey πŸ‘‹ Sign up for Trust with my referral code. We each get a S$10 FairPrice E-Voucher. Simply download the Trust Bank SG App on the App Store or Google Play Store. Tap on β€œUse referral code” immediately after you start the app and key in: NXEGUJH4

Find out more on Trust Bank SG website. Terms and conditions apply.


Do not download the wrong app, look for the Trust Bank SG app, by Trust Bank Singapore Limited.

This is the Apple App Store link and this is the Google Play Store link.


Trust Bank Savings Account: Is Trust Bank Good?

– No minimum balance that you need to maintain your account or fall-below fee

No monthly service fee, account closure fee, ATM withdrawal fee, card replacement fee and annual fees

– No foreign exchange fees, not even the 1% Visa charge

– ATM cash withdrawals at Trust ATMs or Standard Chartered Bank ATMs (You need to receive the Physical Card before you can use this)

High Interest Rate of up to 2.5% from today, 1st November 2022, up from the 1.4% previously, and is still calculated daily

– Earn interest of up to 3% on your first $500,000 (from 1 December 2023)


Other than the free $35 FairPrice vouchers from Trust Bank, one other thing that interest me is the high interest rate for their savings account.

The base interest in October which you can get is 1% for the first $50,000 that is in your account, and you did not have at least 5 transactions that month.


From 1 August 2023, the minimum interest rate will be increased to 1.5% on your first $125,000!
– This means earning $1875 interest per year if you save $125k, even if you do not have any transactions.

Once you have made 5 transactions, you get a bonus and your total interest rate increases to 2% for non-union members and 2.5% for union members (NTUC union member).
– Your interest will increase to $3125 a year when you save $125k


What does it mean when interest is calculated daily? Why does it matter?

For NTUC Union members, you earn a maximum of 1.4% in October, while non-Union members earn 1.2%. If you don’t have at least 5 transactions, you earn only the base of 1%.

Here is an example:

Let’s say you deposited $50,000 into your account on 30 October.

Base: $50,000 x 1% x 31/365 = $42.46

Union Member Bonus: $50,000 x 0.4% x 31/365 = $16.98
Non Union Member Bonus: $50,000 x 0.2% x 31/365 = $8.49

Total Union Member (Monthly) Interest October: $59.44
Total Non-Union Member (Monthly) Interest October: $50.95

If you suddenly decide to withdraw your deposited amount of $50k out on 31 October, you would still have earned one day’s interest.

(Union Member) Earned Interest 30 October: $1.91
(Non-Union Member) Earned Interest: $1.64

This is why it matters that interest is calculated daily.
You have full control of your money, unlike fixed deposits or others that are paid annually.


How To Redeem Trust FairPrice (NTUC) E-Vouchers?

Click on Redeem for that coupon in your Trust Bank app (under Saved Coupons)

  • You can redeem them online with the given Coupon Code


  • Offline In-Stores: Show the QR code (above the coupon code) to the cashier for scanning when you make payment


Step-by-step Guide For (NTUC) FairPrice E-Vouchers Self Check Out

  • Offline In-Stores Self Check Out:

– Scan your groceries and products
– Swipe or scan your NTUC Link card/ code for LinkPoints
– During Payment, Select All Other Payment > Partner Voucher/ FP E-Voucher, then proceed to scan* the QR code of the FairPrice E-Vouchers
– The voucher value will be deducted and reflected immediately after scanning
Repeat scanning of the QR codes if you have multiple vouchers to redeem
*Use the handheld scanner to scan your QR code if the usual scanning cannot detect
– Click on Cancel to continue paying for the remaining value of your groceries
Make Payment as per usual and done! πŸ™‚

Now the app will prompt you to mark your voucher as redeemed after scanning, so do try to mark it then.

If you did not do so and you have multiple vouchers in your Trust app and you have just redeemed one of it, click on the three dots at the top right and Mark as redeemed so that you save yourself the trouble of remembering which voucher is redeemed or not. πŸ˜›


The other benefits of Trust Bank savings account and their credit and debit cards differ and are vast so I will update after I have tried and tested them.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions, you can check out their FAQs on their website.


Enjoy your groceries shopping and earning! πŸ›’

Stay safe! 😷



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