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DBS Paylah! $5 Referral Code: CARRMJ930 Singapore 2022

Last updated on 21st November 2022, Monday

DBS Paylah! Referral Reward has increased from $3 to $5 for 2022. πŸ™‚

If you are looking for a friend referral code or the first time code, you can use my Paylah Referral Code to get $5.

DBS Paylah! Referral Code: CARRMJ930


Just had someone use my referral code, which is how I realised the increment.

This means that when you join Paylah! as a first time user and key in my code: CARRMJ930 you will receive $5. In turn, I can receive $5 too.

Thus, when you refer your friends or family with your personal referral code (after you have signed up), you will receive $5 for each referral too. Up to a total of 20 referrals. Once you exceed 20, you won’t earn anymore but your code can still be used by others for signing up.

This is what they will receive when you invite them:

Have you tried using PayLah!? Get $5 when you sign up with my referral code CARRMJ930. T&Cs apply.


Not sure if this amount is for a limited time only or permanently.

DBS Paylah! is a separate app from DBS iBanking so you will need to download an extra app. It can be used both in stores and online to shop and pay for items. You can also transfer money to your friends or colleagues.

If you have a Google Pay account, you can also link your Paylah! account to it.

If you are using Shopback too, link it to your DBS Paylah! account and when you make purchases at certain outlets (in store), you might be able to get bonus cashback/ scratchcards, depending on the promotions then.



The below is for the previous promotion of $5 for signing up, up to 10 referrals.

Sign up with my referral code RAC0VS081.

If you need a quick guide to sign up, you can also refer to my previous post.

DBS Paylah! Sign Up Quick Guide


If you are have yet to sign up for Shopback and is keen, you can learn more here.

If you don’t have a Shopback account, check out this post to sign up: Shopback Referral Code Post

If you do, this post tells you how you can link them together.

How to link Paylah! to Shopback

Have fun shopping, eating and earning.

Keep safe! 😷

Take care! ✌🏻❀️

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