Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

MLBB X Jujutsu Kaisen Skins Event 2023 – Mobile Legends

Woah! Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is collaborating with Jujutsu Kaisen!!

This event will start on 18 February 2023 and end on 20 March 2023.

Satoru Gojo = Xavier

Megumi Fushiguro = Julian

Yuji Itadori = Yin

Nobara Kugisaki = Melissa

Hopefully there will be more Jujutsu Kaisen stuff, though all I want is Gojo. Arghhh I want Gojo’s skin!!! 😍



1) MLBB X Jujutsu Kaisen Share Event

Currently there is the share event. It’s accessible on the homepage.

All you have to do is to click Share and one of the social choices, and you will be able to receive:

1 Share – Yuji 1 Day Trial Graffiti

2 Shares in 2 Days – Nobara Quick Chat Choice Bundle (Choose from 5 Quick Chats)

It is not stated when this will end (probably by Friday) so do login to share soon so you can get the Quick Chat Bundle.


Event has started:

2) MLBB X Jujutsu Kaisen Gacha

This time round, the gacha is totally not attractive at all. This is because there is no guaranteed skin for the 10th draw.
Only a random permanent collaboration series item is guaranteed in the first 10 draws. The prizes include avatar border, recall, spawn, elimination, killing effects and battle emotes and the 4 skins, but without any guarantee, the chances of winning a skin is super low.

This means that in order to get a Jujutsu Kaisen skin, you will need to exchange for it in the event shop. You need 1200 Jujutsu School Crest to exchange for one skin. I don’t even want to calculate how much you will need to spend.

Remember that you get 50% off your first daily draw (at 25 diamonds) and 450 diamonds for 10 draws. If you really want to try your luck, make use of the daily draw to save some money.

However, there are still ways to receive Cursed Charm Tokens and other Jujutsu Kaisen items without spending or spending just a little.
Continue reading to find out. πŸ˜‰


3) Token Event Pre-registration

Pre-register and login on 25 February and you can get a Free Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Charm Token. This token allows you to make one free draw. It is stated to 27 Feb so I believe it’s up for collection till then, but why risk it?


4) Jujutsu Kaisen Support Benefits

Type “Jujutsu Kaisen” to get an Easter Egg reward.
Locate the event > Click on Go (or just go to the main chat) > Type in “Jujustu Kaisen” and click Send

You will receive a Yuji (3 days) Graffiti.
Go back to the event and Claim your Easter Egg Reward which is a Nobara Quick Chat Choice Bundle.


5) Jujutsu Kaisen Training Event – Tasks and Rewards

Complete tasks daily and weekly to collect Cursed Energy.

When you reach a certain number of collected Cursed Energy, you can get rewards. The good rewards in my opinion are as follows:
40 Cursed Energy – Yuji Graffiti (3 Days)
200 – Nobara Quick Chat Bundle
280 – Gojo Graffiti (3 Days)
400 – Free Choice of Heroes (Melissa, Yin, Julian, Xavier) or Jujutsu Kaisen Recall Effect Trial (3 Days)
480 – Megumi Graffiti (3 Days)
600 – 1 Cursed Charm Token
680 – Nobara Graffiti (3 Days)
800 – Nobara Battle Emote “Zip It!” (permanent)
1000 – Nobara Quick Chat Bundle
1200 – 1 Cursed Charm Token


6) 1st Recharge Gift Event

This requires you to spend and top up.
Recharge 50 Diamonds – 1 Cursed Charm Token
Recharge 250 Diamonds – 1 Cursed Charm Token

I would suggest for you to recharge the Monthly Epic Bundle if you have not done so, so that you can receive 2 Cursed Charm Tokens directly.


7) Token Event (2nd & 3rd Recharge Event)

This is the latest event, running for 3 days only and if you want Jujutsu Kaisen items, I highly urged you to join this. Although this requires you to spend and top up, you will still receive 1 Cursed Charm Token just for logging in.

Log In To Game – 1 Cursed Charm Token

Recharge Any Amount of Diamonds – 4 Cursed Charm Tokens
Recharge 100 Diamonds – 6 Cursed Charm Tokens
Recharge 250 Diamonds – 8 Cursed Charm Tokens

Spend 100 Diamonds – 4 Cursed Charm Tokens
Spend 250 Diamonds – 6 Cursed Charm Tokens

If you recharge 250 Diamonds and spend 250 Diamonds within these 3 days, you can get a total of 29 Cursed Charm Tokens, including the free token for logging in.

Remember to collect your Free Cursed Charm Token that you pre-registered for too!
This means you will have a total of 30 Free Cursed Charm Tokens!


20 more days to go so I think this could be the final event for Jujutsu Kaisen collaboration.


8) 7 Days Login Gifts

1 Day – Yuji (3 Days) Skin Paint + 2 Hero Fragments

2 Days – Yuji (1 Day) + Nobara (1 Day) Graffiti

3 Days – Gojo (1 Day) + Megumi (1 Day) Graffiti

4 Days – Nobara Quick Chat Choice Bundle

5 Days – Yuji (3 Days) + Nobara (3 Days) Graffiti

6 Days – Gojo (3 Days) + Megumi (3 Days) Graffiti

7 Days – Nobara Quick Chat Choice Bundle

I am really disappointed that there are no other chances and events to get the effects and other battle emotes. Sadly, it might not even be a waste if you did not participate in this event, if you aren’t planning to spend on gacha and recharging.

Ultimately, the only things you might be missing out are the graffiti and recall effect trials, as well as Nobara’s quick chats and emote.

Nothing on Gojo so… not a loss for me. πŸ˜›

On the 2nd last day, I finally decided to…

Get the Gojo skin! πŸ˜…

This is what it looks like.

MLBB Satoru Gojo Skin for Xavier:



Actually I think the Gojo for this event is not drawn that well. Something about his looks seem off, as in don’t look exactly like him in the anime.

But I love Gojo so… 😍


Satoru Gojo is my 88th Skin! 😘

This is also my first paid event skin that I strived to get, which was not in the guaranteed 10 draws.

It’s also why I recorded the process of exchanging, including Gojo’s animation, which I will share soon. πŸ˜†


If you are curious, on top of the three recharge events, that I spent the absolute minimum, and including all the free Cursed Charm tokens given, I had to make a final recharge of $30 for the last 30 gacha spins. Consistently tried to use the promo of half price diamonds to make one spin a day. Tried because I don’t log in every day. 😜

The gachas also gave me Jujutsu Kaisen Avatar Border, Gojo, Yuji and Sukuna’s Battle Emotes, Jujutsu Recall Effect and Spawn Effect.

All gacha spins gave me 1286 Jujutsu School Crest, which 1200 was used for Gojo’s skin.

I have 86 left which isn’t enough for Elimination effect or Killing notification, so probably would get the Gojo’s Quick Chat bundle and either Megumi or Yuji’s Quick Chat.


Last 2 days for the Jujutsu Kaisen Gacha so if you want to get any of the Jujutsu skins, remember to do so before it ends.

Meanwhile, take care and good luck in your gacha! πŸ™‚

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