• Sharing Is Caring XD

    WordPress Errors and Solutions

    Hi guys, I have decided to make a list of errors/ problems and solutions that worked for me on wordpress. Also, it will serve as a reminder for me so that I will not have to search for solutions again if the same errors occur in future. I will update to this list whenever I find something worth sharing. Hopefully, they can help solve your website problems too. 😀   1)  Just had this issue where my Updraft could not update successfully and some error occurred. Updraft plugin disappeared totally and I tried to reinstall the plugin but couldn’t and had the following error message: “Installation failed: The destination folder…

  • Sharing Is Caring XD

    Smileys & Emoticons Codes – Convert To Emojis

    Today, I am sharing a list of all the smileys/ emoticons that are able to convert to emoji automatically, which you can use in your posts or pages as per shown below. You can either key in using symbols or the full text. They work the same way. Some emojis have three ways of writing, two different kinds using the symbols text and one with the full text and some only appear when you use the full text.   An example will be: I am shocked that you didn’t know emojis can be used within your text. (with the shocked expression after the sentence) So I will key in the…

  • It's My Life~

    Last Day of 2014~ XD

    Adding the “I am sorry that I was born”, “my apologies that I have been treading on the same earth as everyone else” negative hollow Zoro to my chunk of danglings and letting him absorb all the negativity~ plus he makes me laugh~ XD Please let 2015 be more smooth and way better than 2014 for me and for all who read or is reading this~~ Enjoy the last moments of 2014 (or just live it out)~ and… Happy 2015!!! Happy New Year!!! XD 萬能的天神,請賜予我神奇的力量!!! 🙂

  • It's My Life~

    rachelism’s 2014 in review~

    Got this in my email and the way WordPress has presented the stats were quite interesting so I am sharing it here~ If in the case it’s not as interesting as the one I read, I would post it myself since I got some screen grabs. Thanks for all who visited my site, especially those who commented. Appreciate it~ Will try to do one more post before the end of 2014~ Have a great countdown and see ya! XD The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,800…

  • It's My Life~


    Finally I made time to categorise my posts… so finally, most of my posts have categories which makes it easier to find/ look through posts which you are interested in. Especially when I am totally random in posting stuff~ The category with the most number of posts is but of course the game, One Piece Treasure Cruise so now other than clicking on the tag (which I think sometimes doesn’t work), you can go straight to the One Piece Treasure Cruise category to access all posts related to the game. Also, someone posted a comment on my About page to ask me a question which made me realise that I…

  • Mayday

    22 days to Mayday concert at F1 Singapore 2014!!! XD

    Every year when there is an F1 race coming, there will be huge posters all around reminding us of it but the most unique would be the live countdown timer.  The first time I saw it, I was impressed but seeing that every year becomes a norm and a mental note to avoid the area during the race weekend because other than crowds, it’s still crowds.  However, this year I am looking forward and counting down to F1 because my favourite Taiwan rock band Mayday is coming!!! XD They will be performing on 19th September, Friday!!! 😀 Robbie Williams, Ziggy Marley and Pet Shop Boys on 20 September, Saturday and…

  • Food Recipes~

    Flourless banana pancake! Tried it before? (Recipe)

    First of all, I am trying out this wordpress app that I downloaded. Just trying to see if I like this app better or still prefer “posts” and also the differences between them both. 1 banana + 2 eggs~ have you tried mixing them together before? I came across this post by 9gag on making pancakes with just one banana and two eggs! It sounds healthy in the sense that no flour was used but it also seems weird to me because putting eggs and bananas together, wouldn’t that become a banana omelette?? The best way to know would be to try it out and I would certainly do so…