22 days to Mayday concert at F1 Singapore 2014!!! XD

Every year when there is an F1 race coming, there will be huge posters all around reminding us of it but the most unique would be the live countdown timer. 

The first time I saw it, I was impressed but seeing that every year becomes a norm and a mental note to avoid the area during the race weekend because other than crowds, it’s still crowds. 

However, this year I am looking forward and counting down to F1 because my favourite Taiwan rock band Mayday is coming!!! XD

They will be performing on 19th September, Friday!!! πŸ˜€

Robbie Williams, Ziggy Marley and Pet Shop Boys on 20 September, Saturday and J Lo and John Legend on 21st September, Sunday.

Counting down: 23 days to F1 race finals~

22 Days to seeing Mayday!!! XD

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