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Finally I made time to categorise my posts…

so finally, most of my posts have categories which makes it easier to find/ look through posts which you are interested in.

Especially when I am totally random in posting stuff~

The category with the most number of posts is but of course the game, One Piece Treasure Cruise so now other than clicking on the tag (which I think sometimes doesn’t work), you can go straight to the One Piece Treasure Cruise category to access all posts related to the game.

Also, someone posted a comment on my About page to ask me a question which made me realise that I have unknowingly set my posts to disallow comments. Rectified all of my posts to allow so whoever is reading my blog (realised quite a number of views recently! XD), you can comment on my posts~~ (yeah, comment so I know I am not talking to myself most of the time or wasting my time posting stuff~) XD

Cheers!!! XD

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