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Milieu Proof Of Payment – Singapore Surveys App

My Milieu referral code: wW8eT1K

When you sign up with my code and complete 7 surveys, you will receive 500 points. I will also receive 500 points.

500 points is equivalent to SGD$0.50


I have cashed out once and below is the proof of payment as well as the duration to receive it.

Milieu Surveys App Proof Of Payment:

I made a withdrawal of $20 via PayNow with 18500 points on 31 July, and received an email saying that I will receive it within 10 Working Days (excluding weekends and PH).

I received the payment in my bank account on 4 August. Thus, it took 4 working days to reach me. 😊

This is the proof of payment from Milieu Insight:

As you can see, Milieu is definitely a Legit GPT surveys app.

Thus, if you are interested, use my referral code to receive 500 points ($0.50) to start with.

Milieu referral code: wW8eT1K

It has surveys that are easy to answer, together with quizzes and polls that can let you get points here and there. Try to aim to keep your weekly streak so that you can get bonus points.

For the full review of Milieu App, refer to this previous post of mine: Milieu Referral Code: wW8eT1K – $0.50 Singapore Surveys Review

Have fun earning. 😄

Be safe! 😷

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