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Baby Zebra Doves Hatching On My Window Sill XD

I was actually lucky πŸ€ enough to catch the hatching of the baby birdies this morning! 😍

Day 17:

The babies hatched under her when I was trying to set up time-lapse with my old phone while talking to her to keep her calm, and she moved to reveal the baby hatching, with some shells still attached. 🐣❀️

This photo of the baby zebra dove with the mum was taken right after the mummy dove dragged him/ her out of the shell while feeding. πŸ˜‚

Call me imaginative but the baby looks like he’s pouting. 😜

It’s Day 17 from their first landing, but I assumed it’s Day 12 from the start of incubation. πŸ€”

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