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Let’s Play One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!! – Add New Friends

Last updated on 31st January 2021, Sunday

Morning! ☀️

New game time! 😍 Another One Piece game. One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!!

This is a new game I discovered a few weeks ago. I knew there was a Japanese version but had no idea the English version was out.

It was actually out last year! So I have no idea how far behind I am but because I advanced too fast the first day I started playing, I had to deliberately slow down as there were too much screen grabs. 😅

And also because the introduction starts together with the tutorial, I was wondering how I should share it.

However, decided that I should just whack it and not think so much, especially since I do need active friends to add and send me stamina. 😂

Let’s start!

One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!! is a match-3 puzzle game.

One Piece + puzzle = how could I resist? 🤣

You can download both from the Apple store and the Google Play store.

Apple Store:

Google Play Store:

Everything about this game is cute! 😍 From the logging in main screen, animation, story, effects and the features in the game itself. Or maybe I feel so because I love One Piece. 😜

Do remember to turn on the sound if you like One Piece because the voices are the original voices of the One Piece characters from the anime.

This is a match-3 puzzle game similar to all puzzle games out there. Think candy crush. However, there is a slight difference.

It is also like a battle card game because you get bon bons, the different One Piece characters (like battle cards with attack, hp, skills) from gacha, think gachapon and from advancement in the game, and the characters you use have different stats like attack, recovery and hp, varying skills, trait effects and team link effects.

The puzzles that you encounter other than matching the One Piece characters (bubbles-like bon bon) have various requirements you need to achieve too. In order to pass some levels, you might require Bon Bons, the so called battle cards, with certain skills.

Therefore, it’s slightly more challenging and might be confusing (or troublesome) for some people too. 😅

As per all other puzzle games, you can get stamina, which is what you need to play a game, either by waiting for it to top up, buy it or getting them from friends. Thus, the more active friends you have, the more stamina you might get. Stress on the word active because you need your friends to actually send you stamina.

So where to find your own id, how do you add friends and what other perks are there for adding?

After you login, on the main home screen, you can find your friends at the bottom, highlighted in pink.

First of all, click on Friends Settings to make sure that your Allow Friends Requests is turned to ON, so that others can add you.

Click on Friend Search and you will be able to see your id and also enter the id of the person you want to add.

In my case, add me at: 132259576

You also have the option of inviting facebook friends or add friends using QR Code but I won’t advise using QR Code because as shown below, and highlighted in red, the QR code expires in 3 minutes after it’s generated.

Another way to add friends is to go through your Bon Bon Island. You can find your island on the bottom right of the home screen.

This is where you can place your bon bons and decorations that you receive. I will touch on this another time.

At the bottom right, click on Visit. You can either visit friends whom you have already added, or you can visit random friends, that you can add.

Click on Friend Request to add the person.

Like I mentioned earlier, you can request for stamina from your friends. There are a few ways to do so.

When the Stamina Shop banner pops up, you can click on Ask For Stamina.

When you are totally out of stamina (top left), click on the “plus sign” (+) beside the stamina and the below will pop up. Then you can request for stamina. You can request for stamina even if your stamina is full.

Click on it and you will be led to this:

After you have requested from a friend, you will have to wait 4 hours before you can request again from the same friend.

That friend will have to click on your request before you can actually receive a stamina.

The request from a friend will be shown in your inbox right at the top. If you don’t see any, it will be that either nobody requested or that request has expired. So do check to make sure, if not your friends might think you are inactive and delete you. 😬

Like above, all the stamina that your friends have sent can be found in your inbox too. There is an expiry date of 30 days for each stamina so you can take your time to accept them only when you need them. Just remember to scroll all the way down to receive the oldest ones first.

Another way to send stamina is to click on rankings in each game stage:

But this will only show you friends who have completed that level.

So the better alternative is to just click on Friends at the bottom of your home screen.

You can see all your friends here so you can send them all at a go. This is without them requesting for stamina, you voluntarily send them. I do this since I might not go on the game often enough to see requests.

After you have sent stamina through Friends, even if you go back to rankings, they will show as sent too, showing a countdown timer.

Another perk for adding friends is that you can Call A Friend for help, to use his/ her skills. I have yet to try it out but it’s available during tutorial.

You can call a friend for free a certain number of times each day, my case below is 1 free call. Then, a transponder snail or rainbow pearls (which is like paid currency) to call a friend after reaching the limit. Also, you can call a friend only once per game and only use the skill of your friend’s Leader Bonbon.

Then, the final perk is that you can complete missions and receive rewards, like rainbow pearls.

As I collected everything at a go previously so I didn’t take note of there was any reward for adding friends of lower quantity but as above, if you add 5 friends, you will receive 250 rainbow pearls.

Oh! There is also another way to locate your id. It is to check under your profile.

So if you are also active in sending stamina, add me in One Piece Bon Bon Journey with my user id: 132259576


I will also be sharing some game play, tips and collection of bon bons along the way so follow me for updates!

You can either subscribe to my updates at the bottom of my webpage or click on the three lines at the top left to open up the sidebar and subscribe from there.

Happy playing! 😊

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