• Gamer For Life

    Mr Love: Queen’s Choice – Add New Friends

    I have decided to continue playing Mr Love: Queen’s Choice so I am sharing my ID here for you to add me as a friend in the game. My Mr Love: Queen’s Choice ID: 12169853 Probably will play till I get stuck again, or until I get bored. For now, because there are constant events, it’s still interesting. Especially after the recent updates, at the very least, you can also add friends inside the game, without only getting users who have been online 365 days ago. 😅 In this game, mainly you add friends for two purposes. One, it is to Send and Receive Stamina. You need stamina to do…

  • Ikémen Vampire

    Ikémen Vampire – My Friends Update

    Hey guys, Thanks for adding me as friends in Ikémen Vampire.   This is the new login page and I think it’s really quite nice. 😂 The only reason I screen grabbed it to post it here. 😆   Posting this because I just realised that I already have 45 friends to date, out of the maximum number of 50 so I can only accept 5 more friends requests.   I am not sure if I will be able to still receive friends requests once I hit 50. Or that you would not even be able to send your request through, as this is the case for events friends.  …

  • Chapters: Interactive Stories

    July 2021 Check In Daily Login Rewards Calendar – Chapters: Interactive Stories

    It’s July! 🤪 As the screen grabs that I took on 1st was still showing 1st to 30th June, I had to re-grab just now which is why it doesn’t show the before. 😂   Anyway, if you are just here looking for a invitation code/ friend referral code, this is mine. Invitation Code: 20s3y430 http://h5.crazymaplestudios.com/Page/invitation/20s3y430 Or you can check out the below post for more details: Chapters: Interactive Stories Invitation Code Post And you can even leave your invitation code in the comments of the above link to share with others. So to make this short and sweet, you can access your July Daily Check In Rewards Calendar at…

  • Pokemon Go

    Pokemon Go Referral Code: QYXRHM2QF – Friends

    Happy Easter Sunday!!! 🥚🐣🥚   Pokemon Go has a new game feature, that is the Friends Referral Rewards Program.   This referral rewards program is for newcomers as well as existing players who have not played for awhile. If you are interested to join Pokemon Go as a new player or if you are keen to come back to the game after a hiatus of at least 90 days, you can use my referral code: QYXRHM2QF or referral link below. This is what your friends will receive when you invite them to the game. If you join or return to Pokémon GO using my referral code QYXRHM2QF, you’ll instantly get…

  • One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!!

    Let’s Play One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!! – Add New Friends

    Morning! ☀️ New game time! 😍 Another One Piece game. One Piece Bon! Bon! Journey!! This is a new game I discovered a few weeks ago. I knew there was a Japanese version but had no idea the English version was out. It was actually out last year! So I have no idea how far behind I am but because I advanced too fast the first day I started playing, I had to deliberately slow down as there were too much screen grabs. 😅 And also because the introduction starts together with the tutorial, I was wondering how I should share it. However, decided that I should just whack it…

  • Pokemon Go

    7km Friends’ Gifts Eggs (Regional Pokemon) – Pokemon Go

    I actually got a regional pokemon, Kangaskhan from a 7km egg so guess it’s possible to hatch regionals from friends’ gifts eggs. Oh! and the gift is from Denmark, not even from Australia. 😂 If you also had regional pokemons from 7km eggs, do share below. I would really like to know what else we can hatch from them. And if you want to add friends from other countries, do go to this link and post there: Pokemon Go – Add New Friends (Make New Friends)

  • Harry Potter Wizards Unite

    Harry Potter Wizards Unite – Make New Friends (Perks)

    As of now, the perks of adding friends are only for those who fight/ do Wizarding challenges together, where as they state “Friends provide social benefits, such as bonus Wizarding XP and Wizarding Challenge XP when you engage in Wizarding Challenges together”. Thus, for now, you don’t need that many friends, but I believe like Pokemon Go, they will add more benefits in future. However, you should still add friends, because you can complete achievements and earn XP, as well as free coins. Eg. Have 1 Friend in your Friends List – XP +300 I will update this post when there are more perks revealed or as I discover them.…

  • Pokemon Go

    Pokemon Go – Friends Around The World! XD

    I decided to make a new post for Make New Friends because I have received lots of friends’ requests and quite to my surprise, they are from all over the world. 😊 Thus, I decided to keep a record here. First of all, it is for myself to know which countries’ eggs/ pokemon I am still missing and what I have already. Also, it is to let you guys know what countries you might be able to befriend if you leave your codes here. Future updates of eggs from different countries and states will be updated here too. Listing different states because unlike Singapore, which is a very small country,…

  • Pokemon Go

    Pokemon Go – Add New Friends (Make New Friends)

      [For the new game, Harry Potter Wizards Unite friend codes for adding new friends, go here: HP Wizards Unite New Friends Please do comment with your usernames and friend codes so that I can add you to the list.]   I am wondering why I received lots of friends requests and am still receiving, but my friends only managed to get a few requests so I am making a direct Add New Friends post here. Therefore, future friends lists will be added and updated here, instead of in the very first post.   Add New Friends: Comment with your trainer name and trainer code if you want me to…