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Mr Love: Queen’s Choice – Add New Friends

I have decided to continue playing Mr Love: Queen’s Choice so I am sharing my ID here for you to add me as a friend in the game.

My Mr Love: Queen’s Choice ID: 12169853

Probably will play till I get stuck again, or until I get bored. For now, because there are constant events, it’s still interesting. Especially after the recent updates, at the very least, you can also add friends inside the game, without only getting users who have been online 365 days ago. 😅

In this game, mainly you add friends for two purposes. One, it is to Send and Receive Stamina. You need stamina to do the Normal and Elite Quests for the main storyline.

For each friend that sends you a stamina, you will receive 2 stamina. The good thing about this version as compared to Mr Love Dream Date, is that, you can receive from and send everyone stamina with just one button.

The second reason for adding friends is fulfilling the Daily Task of sending stamina to 3 friends.

That’s really all there is to Adding Friends in this game.

If you want to know how to add friends, read on.

How To Find/ Add Friends In Mr Love: Dream Date?

Click on the Friends icon on the Top Right of your homepage.

Click on Find Friends.

Enter the ID of the friend you want to add and click Search. In my case, enter My Mr Love: Queen’s Choice ID: 12169853

Then, click Apply to add that friend.

The person has to approve before the two of you become friends.

If you are also interested to leave your ID for others to add you, feel free to do so below in the comments and I will approve it.

Producers, have fun playing and stay safe! ❤️

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