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July 2021 Check In Daily Login Rewards Calendar – Chapters: Interactive Stories

It’s July! πŸ€ͺ

As the screen grabs that I took on 1st was still showing 1st to 30th June, I had to re-grab just now which is why it doesn’t show the before. πŸ˜‚


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So to make this short and sweet, you can access your July Daily Check In Rewards Calendar at the 4th Presents tab below.


Look under Events.



1st – 16th July:


Once you have made your claim for the day, it will start counting down.


17th – 31st July:


Do remember to click on your accumulated check in rewards to claim them, as shown in yellow box above.


Also there is a change in interface and location of the daily login rewards so remember to click on the Task Center tab.


Click on the 10 Maple Coins to claim it. If you are a VIP (subscriber) then click on the 30 Maple Coins.

Only the coin pops up and you claim it, does it go into your account.


After that remember to scroll down and claim the Daily Login Rewards.


Click on Claim and Daily Login Rewards will pop up.


You can either claim 20 Maple Coins or watch an ad to claim double the number.

This can be claimed to to 3 times a day, once every 3 hours after you claim it.


Do remember to check and claim the maple coins for the other completed tasks as you are not prompted by the usual red dot to claim them.


I know it’s slightly confusing as they all seem to be Daily Check In Rewards but there are actually only 3 kinds.


1) Login Rewards – The pop up when you open the app for the first time of the day, is now under Task Center where you click on the coins itself.

– 10 Maple Coins for F2P

– Once a day only


2) Daily Login Rewards – The second pop up after you have collected the above, and you can double it by watching an ad.

– 20 Maple Coins each time

– 3 times a day


3) Daily Check In Rewards Calendar – The advent calendar alike feature where you can collect passes, diamonds and maple coins.

– Passes, Diamonds, Maple Coins (varies daily)

– Accumulated Check In Rewards

– Once a day only

– Can use 5 diamonds to backdate your check in (only once a day, closest date will be logged)


Hope that it’s clear now. 😊


Happy Reading and stay safe! πŸ“šπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜·

Oh and have a great second half of the year!


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