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Cobwebs-A-Clearing~ XD

😘 Hello there~~~ πŸ•Έ *coughs coughs* πŸ•Έ

πŸ•· Just made my way through the cobwebs that were formed since almost 2 years back… πŸ˜‚ since my last post was in Jan 2016! 😱

Other than pushing it all to being busy and occupied with daily life, I admit I forgot about this and was way too lazy to come to the “desktop/ mobile” site to use it, when my wordpress app kept crashing… (shrugs) no idea why~

It’s nearly the end of 2017 now and looking back, I don’t even remember what I have done the whole year through and it’s already the last month of the year! 😰 Kinda feel this way after graduating from Uni and started work… Do you feel the same? πŸ˜‘

I wonder how many of my past readers are still playing the two One Piece games I shared in the past. I have stopped for a really long time, even though both games are still in my phone. Reason being I can’t bear to delete them since I worked really hard at playing but yet I can’t play because I need updates to the app and in order to update, apple has changed it in a way that if I use Japan as my country, the only card I can use to verify and save, Β has to be a Japan issued credit card. Irritates the hell out of me!

Also, I thought that I could only play it on my initially downloaded ipad and couldn’t transfer it to my iphone BUT! I could! Actually I screengrab the process to share but I haven’t so I actually don’t know if I still should since it has been a long, long time. 🐌

That said, if I didn’t remember wrongly, they released an international/ US version of Treasure Cruise so there is probably no need for me to do that anymore. I didn’t play that just because I didn’t feel like starting all over, and playing the same thing again. I really get bored easily.

I have also stopped playing a lot of other games, like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Hay Day, Slotomania, Criminal Case etc but they are all still kept in my phone because one fine day, I might just start playing again.

That was what happened to Candy Crush. I got stuck on a level, got bored of it, stopped playing for more than a year, so long that my mum who started playing later than me caught up and overtook my level. Suddenly, one day I open the app and started playing again. Not as dutifully as I used to play but once in a while, I will play, especially when they give me a few hours of pass free. They change it so that when you reach a certain level, passes from friends are no longer needed to get to the next stage/ realm. They also have special gifts for daily login and spinning the wheel of gifts. Different challenges also help because when you get first or top three, you receive different rewards and one to three hours (max was 6 hours I received) of pass free games. On and off, I will still play Candy Crush.


Another game which I started obsessed, was PokΓ©mon Go! Started playing it last year, 7th August 2016 (I checked! ;)) and was highly hooked for the first few months… every time I started to get bored, they released a few more new things. When I eventually finished collecting all the pokemons from Gen 1, that was when I stopped for a really long time, till Gen 2 was released. As most of Gen 2 pokemons need to be either caught or hatched, and some of them I have never spotted even one at all, like unown! Haven’t even caught a glimpse of it, how to even catch all the letters of it? Absolutely no idea how some trainers catch them or maybe I live in the area where they don’t appear? But to be fair, I am not in the game 24-7. Thus, I stopped playing again for awhile.


Then, suddenly they decided to release Legendary PokΓ©mon! πŸ˜‚ Started playing hardworkingly for about 3 weeks, then when the next three became available for one full months, my gameplay slowed down… and I began to catch less and less legendary pokemons. Just when I thought its over, Halloween event started and farfetch was released! I already had 2 farfetch before it started but didn’t stop me from catching more.

This is more:



Screengrabs before I delete the lower CPs. No idea how many I should keep either but definitely the two caught in Hong Kong.

Before farfetch I slowed down in playing again, but now it’s even worse because I will forget to even do my daily login so only saw the new legendary Ho-Oh once so far but I am lucky enough to catch it. Hopefully I will get to catch another two more before it officially ends on 12th December.

Here’s what it looks like:

Pokemon Ho-Oh

Pokemon Ho-Oh 2


So… any of you playing Pokemon Go too? anything you wanna share? πŸ˜„

This post is becoming way longer than I had expected to write so I should stop soon. I will try to update about my minifigures since the photos are still in my phone and I need to clear my phone soon. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ


I am hoping to post more stuff this month so that I can rid my phone of pics before my idols’ upcoming concert! 😍 A concert which I have been looking forward to since early this year, which I bought tickets to since March and it’s finally coming! πŸ‘πŸ» Mayday Life Tour 2017! 🀘🏻

One of the things I am looking forward to to end the year, other than Christmas. πŸŽ…πŸ»β˜ƒοΈπŸŽ

What about you? Anything you are looking forward to since 2017 is ending in about 20++ days? πŸŽ‰



Have a good week ahead! πŸ’ͺ🏻






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