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    人日快樂!XD – 2022農曆新年初七

    用剛裝好的玩具祝大家: 人日快樂~ 天天快樂!😄 🍊🍊 It’s the 7th day of the Lunar New Year, also known as Ren Ri in Chinese, which is celebrated as the birthday of all human beings so… Happy Birthday! 🥳 Happy Chinese New Year! 🧧 Have a great year! 😘

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    (NBC 219) Birthday Cake Nanoblock~

    (NBC 219) Birthday Cake Nanoblock~ No idea why they would use blue as the base for the cake, doesn’t feel very cakey~ 😂 But I guess they already have chocolate cake nanoblocks etc which I think I have but yet to build. 😬😝 These are the contents. 170 pcs Difficulty Level: 2 This is what it looks like. Not sure if I built it wrongly or used the wrong bricks or if there are missing bricks but I was short of two white ones which make up the ribbons. Instead of taking them apart, I use two beige/ pale yellow bricks to replace the tails of the ribbon. Therefore, there…

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    Hamburger (NBC 217) Nanoblock~

    Hamburger (NBC 217) Nanoblock~ These are the contents. 120 pcs Difficulty Level : 2 Burger time! 🍔 The hamburger nanoblock from different views. Front view: Top View: Side View: All sides look the same as the front view so this is just slightly tilted to the side.

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    Pirate Ship (NBM 011) Nanoblock~

    Pirate Ship (NBM 011) Nanoblock~ Ahoy, Matey! 😂 Had to get it when I knew it was released because it’s way too cool. Front of box: Back of box: These are the contents. It comes with a brown box which I guess is to hold all the bricks since there are 780 pcs in all. Difficulty Level : 5 This is the building instructions manual. Level difficulty 5 is the highest I have built to date and I didn’t understand why it was level 5 just from the photo. Until I built it. Even up to this point, it was easy. I guess the difficulty part is the top part…

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    S.E.A Aquarium – Dec 2014

    I have been and still am seriously lagging in posting photos on instagram, so much so that while clearing my phone of photos, I actually came across some which I took when I went S.E.A Aquarium back in December 2014. Thus, sharing and posting them here too. Actually more of copying and pasting. 🤣   Jellyfishes   I think that jelly fishes are not from this world~ nothing this beautiful yet scary can be from this world~ 😂 still believe they are aliens~   Throw back to 31st Dec 2014 at S.E.A Aquarium~ 😘 They are so damn pretty~ 😍 Though those in the second photo make me feel like…

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    DC Comics Lego Super Heroes Mighty Micros – 76069

    DC Comics Lego Super Heroes Mighty Micros – 76069 This is the other box which I have that batman is in his blue suit, along with Killer Moth, whom I am not a fan of. His vehicle is also red instead of black. And he still has short legs. 😬 This is the previous batman set if you are interested: DC Comics Lego Super Heroes Mighty Micros – 76061 There is also a new mighty micros batman set which I have yet to buy.