S.E.A Aquarium – Dec 2014

I have been and still am seriously lagging in posting photos on instagram, so much so that while clearing my phone of photos, I actually came across some which I took when I went S.E.A Aquarium back in December 2014.

Thus, sharing and posting them here too. Actually more of copying and pasting. 🀣




I think that jelly fishes are not from this world~ nothing this beautiful yet scary can be from this world~ πŸ˜‚ still believe they are aliens~


Throw back to 31st Dec 2014 at S.E.A Aquarium~ 😘

They are so damn pretty~ 😍 Though those in the second photo make me feel like eating mushrooms~ πŸ˜‹


Aliens invasion~~~ 😍



There is an air of elegance from them~ at least that’s how they make me feel~ πŸ‘‘ dignified and elegant, even though they are tiny~🀣😍


ζ•™η·΄ζ°΄ζ—ι€¨ζŽ’ιšͺ記~ πŸ˜‹



2οΌ‰ζ•™η·΄ζ°΄ι™·ζ°΄ζ―δΈ­ο½ž 😜


A friend told me they are therapeutic to look at so somehow, the thought of music came into my mind… and the next thing i know, my itchy fingers made this and it’s far from therapeutic~ 🀣

However, the changing colours feel like a rainbow and I have easier access to Mayday’s rainbow instead of Jay’s or Alex’s~ 😝

Realised I can only upload a part on ig so I shared the 🌈 full version here: http://youtu.be/h3PK_98fDFA

The song that I used is called “Rainbow”, by Mayday.


Have a great weekend! 😊


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