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Pirate Ship (NBM 011) Nanoblock~

Pirate Ship (NBM 011) Nanoblock~

Ahoy, Matey! πŸ˜‚

Had to get it when I knew it was released because it’s way too cool.

Front of box:

Back of box:

These are the contents. It comes with a brown box which I guess is to hold all the bricks since there are 780 pcs in all.

Difficulty Level : 5

This is the building instructions manual.

Level difficulty 5 is the highest I have built to date and I didn’t understand why it was level 5 just from the photo.

Until I built it. Even up to this point, it was easy.

I guess the difficulty part is the top part of the ship, where the mast and sails are. I spent the longest time trying to balance and fix them together.

The problem is the mast was flimsy and while fixing them on the right side, the left side topples and so on.

The best way I realised is to fix:

left side, fix the bricks one by one, and right side one by one, then attach to the middle.

Instead of the full left side and full right side, then attach to the middle part.

It’s hard to put it into words. lol

I mean even after I finished building the whole ship, I was taking photos when I realised one part seems a little loose and the moment I tried to push it down a little, the whole thing crashed. 😨


Panicked cos they dropped on the floor and flew everywhere! πŸ˜“ They are so tiny!

Luckily I recovered them all. πŸ˜‚

So this is what the end product is like.

ps: Notice where the pointed mast is in the first pic of the completed pirate ship? My bad, because it is supposed to be a flag, not a mast. πŸ˜‚ Refer to the top where I mentioned that they dropped and flew everywhere… I had absolutely no idea that one part was missing… not till I was packing my stuff and sweeping under the sofa did I find that part and immediately, I knew “who” it belonged to. πŸ˜“

pps: Will try to take another pic if I remember. XP

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