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How To Redeem Trust FairPrice (NTUC) E-Vouchers Guide

For Fairprice e-vouchers in the Trust app, you have to redeem the whole value of that e-voucher at a go. This means that, if you have a $5 e-voucher, and you redeem it against your purchase of $4.50, that voucher is then redeemed and you will lose the remaining $0.50.

How To Redeem Trust FairPrice (NTUC) E-Vouchers?


Click on Redeem for that coupon in your Trust Bank app (under Rewards > Saved Coupons)

  • You can redeem them online with the given Coupon Code


  • Offline In-Stores: Show the QR code (above the coupon code) to the cashier for scanning when you make payment. After it is scanned by the cashier, you will be prompted to mark it as Redeemed. Proceed to the next e-voucher if you have more than one to redeem


Step-by-step Guide For (NTUC) FairPrice E-Vouchers Self Check Out

  • Offline In-Stores Self Check Out Machines:

– Scan your groceries and products
– Swipe or scan your NTUC Link card/ code for LinkPoints

– During Payment, Select All Other Payment > Partner Voucher/ FP E-Voucher, then proceed to scan* the QR code of the FairPrice E-Vouchers
– The voucher value will be deducted and reflected immediately after scanning

Repeat scanning of the QR codes if you have multiple vouchers to redeem
*Use the handheld scanner to scan your QR code if the usual scanning cannot detect

– Click on Cancel to continue paying for the remaining value of your groceries
Make Payment as per usual and done! πŸ™‚


Now the app will prompt you to mark your voucher as redeemed after scanning, so do try to mark it then.

If you did not do so and you have multiple vouchers in your Trust app and you have just redeemed one of it, click on the three dots at the top right and Mark as redeemed so that you save yourself the trouble of remembering which voucher is redeemed or not. πŸ˜›

However, if you are not sure which voucher is redeemed or yet to redeem, DO NOT MARK as Redeemed because once you do so, you cannot use the voucher anymore, even if you have not used it. Test the vouchers/ QR codes out the next time you visit FairPrice again. Takes some time but you will just be informed that it is already redeemed, and you can mark it as redeemed then.

Happy Buying! πŸ™‚

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