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The Water Dragon Adventure – Lego Elves 41172

Finally got my water dragon from a reseller previously, after searching a lot of places for it. And I mean really a lot of places.

Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and sites online. It wasn’t that I couldn’t find it. It was that I couldn’t find a resale price that was reasonable enough for me. 😅 You would know how ridiculous some prices for retired lego are, if you had tried to search for one before.

And I finally built it during CB. CB is short for Circuit Breaker over here in Singapore, which pretty much means lockdown, phrased in another way. 😂

The Water Dragon Adventure – 41172


The water dragon is so pretty! 😍 It’s also way bigger than I had expected.

I thought with the original price and the box size, it would be half the size of what it is. Yet it is about half the size of the Queen Dragon, and most of the built of the Queen Dragon is taken up by the wings, which I didn’t like that it is an attachment of plastic film, instead of the usual lego hard plastic. I guess it makes sense because of the size of the wings and the flexibility but doesn’t mean I like it. 😂

Therefore, I really like that for this water dragon, it is hard plastic through and through.

The colours also blend well together, even though I really didn’t want to attach that pink ribbon to the top of its head. 😅 I mean I guess it’s a kid toy after all, and a pet of the elves, and since the box stated ages 7-12 but it’s a dragon! Shouldn’t it be cool? 😂

But if I didn’t put the ribbon on, it would have a hole up there, so I figured it’s a just for now thing. I would replace it with something else in future. 🤣

Thus, this makes the original price of the water dragon super worthed it. 🤨

Resale price? Not so much. But too bad because I really like it so I had to get it. 😅

Like other elves sets, even though the buildings and all are pretty cool, all I really care about are the dragons. 😅 Which explains why there aren’t any photos of the rest of the box set.

I built them. I just don’t know how long I will keep them in building form. 🤣

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