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(NBC 219) Birthday Cake Nanoblock~

(NBC 219) Birthday Cake Nanoblock~

No idea why they would use blue as the base for the cake, doesn’t feel very cakey~ πŸ˜‚ But I guess they already have chocolate cake nanoblocks etc which I think I have but yet to build. 😬😝

These are the contents.

170 pcs

Difficulty Level: 2

This is what it looks like.

Not sure if I built it wrongly or used the wrong bricks or if there are missing bricks but I was short of two white ones which make up the ribbons.

Instead of taking them apart, I use two beige/ pale yellow bricks to replace the tails of the ribbon. Therefore, there is a difference in the colours.

The front (almost top view):

The front side:

The side view:

The top view:

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